The Promise of Spring

No one can relish the signs of spring more than me. The first glint of jonquils peeking out of the soil searching for warm sun to pull them upwards is always amazing. Longer days. Warm breezes. Warmer nights. Rain Showers, Budding leaves. Light jackets. New farm babies. Flip flops. Working in garden. Preparing yard.

Spring personally brings me renewed energy and the promise of garden flowers, wildflowers, green grass and warm sun beating down forcing nature to celebrate the beauty of new color.

I am busy at work preparing my gardens with the excitement of what surprises they may provide.

Ready for color. Ready for the grays and browns to fade into green mixed with yellow, pink, red.  I think we all feel the need for renewal once we know that spring is hiding around the corner. Let us relish in it’s gift and find the joy. Let us not miss one single moment of the splendor and contentment of spring. I am more than ready for the joy of spring!

Took this photo in Montana a few years ago in a fantastic garden which is grown with love and has the most amazing flowers you have ever seen along with an equally amazing vegetable garden.

Pink Tulip

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  1. Pretty! We don’t have any color like that here yet!

  2. Yes! Yes! Yes! So ready for any color but brown and grey! Bring on the spring green!

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