Wordless Wednesday

We finally had a little rain last weekend after months and months without a single drop. We are desperate for water as our livestock tanks are all dry. We only had one-half inch of moisture, but it seemed like a bountiful amount and we were happy to receive every drop. Since our shower we have had heavy winds and a terrible dust storm so the fresh clean air is gone already. Ready for more rain.

This was taken a few minutes before it actually started raining. Love the birdhouses against cloudy sky.

Storm Brewing

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  1. If I had the power to send rain your way I sure would send you all that we’ve been getting! We’ve had tooo much rain. Heck the last couple of weeks the rain has turned into sleet and ice and we’ve had major power outages across central NC. 🙁 I’m hoping it stays away and we can have a couple weeks of warm sunny weather.

  2. So thankful for every drop! Hoping you see even more!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      We usually get most of our rain this month and we have had so very little. Makes me worry for summer…

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