I found this beautiful old structure a few weeks ago in the middle of nowhere. I am thinking in the 1800s there may have been a tiny town with a few other buildings with it. If so, none are left except for this wonderful building. It was actually very large. I peeked in windows and it is filled with junk-not the good kind. One window had old rusty bars on it. The stone is still in excellent shape. I wish it were on our farm property as I would give it lots of love and  make it into a wonderful bunk house! This old building has personality. I love old buildings and always find myself wanting to know about their past. Who worked or lived here? How long was this building used? What happened to all the people who lived here? I would love to have a crystal ball and be able to see the past history of this house. I know at one time this structure served a useful purpose. I would love to find out it’s secrets.

Don’t you love it too?

Old Structure

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  1. It’s stunning, I love the textures and colors!

  2. Looks like an old jail to me!

  3. I’m right there with you. . .love this kind of thing. It’s not impossible to have it moved, is it? Would love to know more if you choose to do more research!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I know someone owns it because it does have a nice tin roof so someone is trying to preserve it which is wonderful. I surely do love it though!!

  4. thinking this was a multipurpose bldg…no doubt most were then…def a jail…but maybe a church too…good and bad have always gone hand in hand…a foresic swab of dna could give us some interesting insight into what went on here…

  5. I absolutely love old buildings and the history behind them! I’ve always wanted to travel back in time! I also think this building looks like it was a jail at one time. The double front doors are my favorite… I have a weird thing for doors, haha! Great find!

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