Spring At The Farm

I love spring at the farm. We are always super busy with all our spring projects. Cleaning barns, shredding pastures, planting, watering and vaccinations for all the cows, donkey’s and goats.  Love all the little calves being born. The anticipation of wildflower season nearly drives me crazy! Cleaning the grill to cook-out. Waiting for that special rain shower. Sunrises and sunsets.

There are lots of sweet little babies arriving in the “nursery” pasture. Even though they are just cows you would not believe how much personality they have. Their babies bring much joy to watch as they jump, run, frolic and nurse. They are no different than a toddler running around your yard. They are ever so sweet and bring us hours of joy watching them play with each other. This week we have had many fun births with fun little calves running around. As with anything with the fun and joy comes the bad sometimes. We had to pull a calf (which is actually a hard workout) this week and unfortunately he did not live. His mother was a first time mom and he was very large. The potential mommas are checked at different times of the day to make sure everyone is ok. They are checked every evening to make sure no one is potentially having a new calf. When we woke up we found her down and laboring. It is always a sad experience. Our hearts are always heavy. Farm life can be very sobering.

Something I love more than anything appeared at farm this week! My beautiful Indian Blanket wildflowers bloomed. It has been a windy week and although they look fairly “tattered” I still love them more than any other flower. I am always very happy when the Bluebonnets bloom and it is always a pleasant reminder that spring is here, but when Indian Blankets bloom I want to scream to the world how happy they make me! My love for the Indian Blankets began when I was a child. I think it is the vivid colors that entrapped me into a life long love affair. Our cactus have also been blooming. Who thought that cactus could be beautiful?

We continue to be desperately dry. We did have a rain shower which was wonderful for the animals. It cleared the dust out of the air and perhaps will grow a few blades of green grass in the pastures. I am afraid it is going to be a long hot summer.

Here are a few photos from this week. Hope they will add cheer to your day! This little calf was 10 minutes old and managed to get up and start finding where to suck. He finally got the hang of it. I never cannot get enough of the sweetness. Cows really are the best moms. The Indian Paintbrushes blankets make for wonderful photos and I love to show everyone that cactus can have their beautiful moments also. The thunder clouds did not give us one drop of rain. What a let-down.

First Suck

Got the Hang of It

Mom Love

Indian Blankets

Cactus Blooms

No Rain

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  1. Ohhh, such beautiful photos. I’m in the middle of Miami at a conference right this minute, and these photos just saved me from going crazy. I needed some natural beauty and sweet farm animals. Thanks for sharing your view of the world!

  2. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures! I can see why you love Indian Paintbrush and I had no idea cacti had such pretty flowers. Mamma and calf are adorable. Springtime around there is lovely!

  3. You’ve really captured some beautiful photos here – love the mamma and her baby and the Indian Blanket are indeed beautiful. I also love a good cloud picture – yours is stunning! Happy happy spring!

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