Farm Flood

After a few years of dry tanks and continued drought we had a surprise this weekend. Rain was in the forecast and we were really hopeful that we would receive a little moisture. We always feel like we are in the “Farm Bermuda Triangle” where everyone around us gets a shower, but we do not. This keeps us from becoming too optimistic!

I woke up early on Sunday to find it was raining which caused me to do the “rain dance”. You cannot believe how wonderful it is to see something more than a drip falling out of the sky. It continued to pour and pour and pour. A few hours later cowboy went to work in the barn and called to tell me the rain gauge had 5 inches of rain. We were overjoyed. Several hours later we jumped to 8 inches. A little later our neighbors began calling that we had 10 inches. Cowboy was in barn and I looked out and the fields north of us looked like a wall of water coming towards us. It looked like we were surrounded by a lake!  I went and slushed around and walked to get the donkeys and goats and brought them into the corral barn where they would be safe. They were actually very nervous and happy to come with me. Their field was full of running water and one part looked like a river was running through it. Our goats can be inquisitive and I was terrified they might drown so I sloshed through the mud and retrieved them. Felt so much better that my babies were safe.

The rain stopped and the sun peeked out of the clouds. We could see we had fences down so cowboy drove to check the fence line along the road. Roads washed out, fences down in several places and lots and lots of mud everywhere. Every farmer was traveling the road to see the damage here and there- it’s a country thing.

Yesterday was repair fence day! The exterior fences are up and fixed. The flooding moved huge amounts of debris which is now lodged against the fences. For now it is too muddy to clean out and we will save that fun task for next week. Interior fences will be repaired later in the week. All in all not too much damage. I will have to buy more mulch for flowerbeds as it all floated away. We had put down fire ant kill and again it floated down the road. But… the farmhouse did not flood and that is the best blessing. We have never had our little farmhouse flood, but we have never had 10 inches of rain in a an 8 hour period either! The water came within inches of the back door and that has never happened. We were very lucky for sure.

The BEST thing from our little flood? Our tanks are brimming full! Cowboy IS doing the happy dance!

The fences could not stand up to all the debris that built up in the water. I was so sad that all our pretty fences were damaged, but they are back to normal now! Cowboy was so lucky to have help putting them back up.

Fence Down

You cannot see the cows, but this is the birthing pasture. I was so worried about the mom’s and babies, but they moved up to higher part of field and nestled in the trees and kept their babies safe. Such good mamas… the first pasture is where the donkeys and goats live. The second pasture is separated by a fence. The high water was in the first pasture so we could not get to the mamas and their babies. They stayed put until the sun came out.


As you can see I had my own personal river for a little bit. It is gone now and filled with tons of mud.

My Own River

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  1. As always, your pics are lovely. That is a whole lot of water…

    • weekendcowgirl says

      It was too much water. Don’t want to have to do “that” fence thing again!!!!! We still have more to get up next week after everything dries out. We have had more showers so everything nice and wet and I am not complaining!

  2. Wowzers! Stay safe, but so thankful for the rain!

  3. Hi Weekend Cowgirl,
    I’m SO glad you and your animals are safe! That’s a lot of water in a very short period. It can be so scary. But, yippee the tanks were full for a time!

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