Outdoor Farm Shower

We have an outdoor shower at farm. It has hot and cold water so we can usually use it from late April to November depending on the year. The shower comes in handy because most of the time farm work makes us ultra-dirty and being able to shower outside keeps the farmhouse clean (Well, that is my story and I am sticking with it). It is nice and big and enclosed so we have all the privacy we need most of the time.  Sometimes when showering we can accidently get caught when someone drops by. Usually I make sure gates to farm are closed when I am using the shower so I don’t get trapped. Sometimes planes fly directly overhead.  I used to wrap a towel around me when I heard a plane near, but now I don’t even bother! It is really enjoyable being out in the open and being able to see birds fly overhead and the clouds drifting above. Sometimes the animals catch me going behind the fencing from the pasture and send me all sorts of greetings.. Nothing like cleaning up to the “Hee-Haw” of the donkeys!

A few weeks ago we received this special gift. It is a sign for our outdoor shower and it is as cute as can be. It really does portray all the fun of having an outdoor shower. Don’t you love it?

Outdoor Shower Sign


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  1. very cute! but can we see the shower?? i’d love to have one. i’m tired of dragging in all this mud and dirt into the house.

  2. An outdoor shower would be so great. Love the sign – very cute!

  3. Carole Wilkinson says

    Our son and daughter n law built us one last summer…for Rancho HOHO

  4. OMG! I want an outside shower. Of course, I’m sure my neighbors might not enjoy it…LOL. I so miss living out in the middle of nowhere. And the sign is precious!

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