Cute Times Four

Blogging has not come easy the last few months. To complicate matters I have also been gone the last few weeks. I am hoping to focus more on blogging this fall and that means I must get out and take photos. I am challenging myself to keep my camera handy and to find the fall beauty which will surround me. Blogging, for me, is like writing my journal or diary and I hope to get back on track.

I just returned from a girls trip to London and Scotland and will have many photos to share with you in the next few weeks. Today I shall start with this cute photo from Scotland. Four telephone booths all in a row and throw in a red bike against an old building. What could be better?

Booth x 4

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  1. So charming! Why is it that everything in Europe is so cute and photo worthy?

  2. yay! looking forward to seeing your pix!

  3. Great! Compare it to the US and you would see a wire dangling, ripped up phone book , if there was one, and a tremendous amount of graffiti! Glad you are back on track. Missed you this summer!

  4. Great shot! Can’t wait to see more. Happy fall, Weekend Cowgirl!

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