Punting in Cambridge

When in London we took a little side-trip one afternoon to Cambridge. What a sweet town and an amazing university. The Avon river runs throughout the university and punting is the outdoor activity that everyone was enjoying. Students, professors, families and tourists all were all out and about in the beautiful October weather. It seemed everyone was punting and if they were not then they were sitting on the banks taking in the sun. It made for one of those “idyllic” picturesque scenes that you only see in books. A punt is a flat boat that can float easily on smaller shallow rivers. Each punt or boat had a cute name painted on it. They were quite an art form and I loved watching everyone relishing this form of entertainment. I think my farm yard would look really cute with one of these propped up against the fence!

The bottoms of the punts were painted in the turquoise color that matched the cushions; however different companies had different paint colors. Notice that on the second photo of sign the boat in background is named “Fluffy” (pretty red punt)- don’t you love it? The last photo is one of those perfect scenes complete with King’s College in background.



Punt Sign


Cambridge Punting


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