Saturday Sunset

This was a busy weekend at the farm. We are┬ápreparing for the winter which means putting up lots of summer “stuff” such as hoses, metal chairs, yard art. We also have been cleaning barns and putting everything in it’s proper place and making sure all equipment is winter ready. Cowboy just finished with a huge project of getting barn doors built for the donkey and goat barn. Everything is in place and animals now have wonderful sliding doors which will block the wind on cold winter days. The goats are especially going to love it. It does not get really dangerously cold here very often, but last winter our long ice storm was unexpected and we had to move the animals to another barn other than their pole barn. They now have a new warmer barn in their pasture and no worries this winter!

I think we are ready for winter here at the farm; although those of you who know me know I am a flip flop kind of girl and I do not like cool winter days!

We had a cool front move in this weekend which gave me a little taste of cooler weather. We also had a nice sunset on Saturday while I was out working in the corral.

Never take our sunsets for granted. Some are prettier than others, but we enjoy them all.

November 2 2014 Sunset

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  1. Gorgeous sunset! I love to watch a sunset after a busy day, it’s so relaxing.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Just love it when I have a camera close by. So many times there will be a spectacular one and I have no camera!!

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