96 Takes the Cake

96 takes the cake or… in this case the baby. 96 is not the friendliest cow at the farm, nor does she really like me. 96 , however, is a GREAT mama. She took great care of her calf and was highly protective and loving. Before Christmas her baby went away to another ranch to become a show calf and 96 was miserable. Usually, when babies leave it is a bad day for the mamas, but 96 was beyond sad for days and days. It was pretty pitiful to see her so upset. Then, a couple of weeks later we were checking on cows and low and behold she had “borrowed” some other cow’s baby and was nursing it. For several weeks she kept the baby by her side and fed it and she was so proud and happy. I assume it was a “baby” that had been kicked out of the free food chain by it’s mom so 96 took advantage of the situation. It was so sweet and funny! Every time Cowboy and I were in the pasture she did her “moo” thing so we would be sure and notice she was nursing “her” baby!

These cows can be so cute! 96 is a “hoot” and provided us with a huge chuckle this year.

She does not look nice, but boy, is she a great mama. She is Cowboys favorite cow.



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  1. She’s a good mama b/c of the brahman influence. They’re the best.

  2. Your story about “96” gives more credence to “you can’t judge a book by its cover” Neat story,thanks JL

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