And Now… The Undertaker

My previous post introduced “Three Feathers” and everyone loved him! The “clean-up” bull has now arrived at the farm and his name is “Undertaker” and all I can say is… WOW. He is beautiful and huge. He also is very even tempered even though some of you might think he looks a bit fierce. He actually was a show bull years back and has a nice show bull temperament. Today, I spent time talking and taking photos of the cows and most of the time he just laid right in the middle of the hay watching me. Cowboy said when they put the hay bale out that Undertaker makes a game of it. He butts the hay up in the airĀ and keeps messing with it until it is all spread out. Guess he is making it easy for the girls to have a meal. Judging from the behavior of the girls we will have at least a few babies from Undertaker and my guess they will be nice size babies! As much as I was in love with “Three Feathers”, I will say that the girls REALLY seem to be giving special attention to “Undertaker” and it is evident that he is the romantic choice for most of the girls. He seems to be the equivalent of the college stud around campus!

Never could capture a perfect photo today of him. In this photo he pretty much has hay all over himself. This photo will give you an idea of how large he is. He will stick around for another month or two then he will be on his way to visit other ladies… What a life!

Undertaker 2015

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  1. What a name! So the new kid on the block gets all the attention!

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