New Best Friend

This week has been lovely weather at the farm so I have been able to be out and about which is what I love. Last weekend we found some old buried junk in one of our dry creek beds. We pulled it out and sent it to the dump. We are not a fan of old junk littering the farm so when new junk appears we get rid of it. After everyone left I went back to the old creek bed to explore and see if I could find any more junk. Some of the cows had followed me hoping I had some grain in the back of the truck, but they all left when they realized the snack train was empty! One single cow remained and started crying and moo-ing and creating a loud commotion. She came right up behind me as I was walking the gully and continued with her uproar. Really… she was creating such a racket. Such unusual farm animal behavior. I finally decided that she thought she was protecting me, but heaven knows what from. She was so upset that I decided to go back to the barn. She followed right behind me and then went back to her calf. Everything was fine!

It will be interesting to see if she continues with her fixation of me. I may just have a new cow friend which is always a fun thing.

Here is the pretty little red head!

New Best Friend

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  1. Aww that’s pretty cool! If only they could talk to us so we’d know what their deal was!

  2. What a cute new addition!

  3. Sounds like you have new friend! And I know what you mean about the old junk that keeps appearing! It seems like we get more every year! What were people thinking?!

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