Three Feathers

Wanted you to see “Three Feathers” because I think he is so darn cute! Three Feathers is a bull who came to “visit” the girls in November. I was busy trying to get Christmas shopping done and managed only one photo of him on iPhone. Is this not darling of him already making friends with the girls? He actually was really adorable and I hope he will get to come back and visit next year! I bet some of the girls will have pretty babies from his visit.

Three Feathers was a hit around our place! Valentines came early this year! Bulls come and go, but he was such a cutie!

3 Feathers

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  1. ha! he’s a curly top!

  2. Aww it looks like the black cow has an upside down heart on it’s head! So cute!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Do you know I look for anything “heart” at farm and never even noticed! Thanks for seeing what I did not!!!!!

  3. Love his curly locks!

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