Cows in Pasture

We have been so incredibly busy at the farm this spring. Lots of work in the pastures getting ready for spring grasses. Work on and in barns. Work in the yard. Getting all the winterizing taken down and put up. I love this time of year, but it is very busy time. Our drought of six years has¬†improved and we have actually had some nice rain showers. Everything at the farm is green at this point and that is better than the last several years. The animals are incredibly happy grazing green grass. The cows are having babies. The birds are building nests. The donkey’s are romping and playing with the goats.¬†The farm is experiencing a re-birth after so many years with no moisture. The land, animals and Cowboy and I all are having a beautiful spring.

I have not had any time to take photos, but did catch a few cow shots last week. Love me some cows!!




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  1. What a bunch of cuties!

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