My Special Montana Cabin

This is my very own special Montana cabin. Have been photographing it for over a decade. It is a lovely little cabin, but the elements are beginning to take their toll. I yearn to put a new little roof on it so it can live on ~  in all it’s splendor. It may be tiny, but it stands mighty and proud. I wish I knew it’s history, but I am content on documenting it from year to year. My heart and soul loves this little structure and all of it’s personality. I wish I could bring it home to the farm and care for it, but it is probably happier staying right where it has provided comfort for those viewing it for decades and decades…

MT Cabine

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  1. i would love to know who lived there! have you found anything in it? tools or dishes or anything?

    • weekendcowgirl says

      It has been completely empty for the 15 years I have been photographing it. I do not think it will be standing very much longer.

  2. B-I would bet those roof joists wouldn’t be able to support a new roof! 🙁 exposure to the elements and thermal cycling take their toll! do you suppose the local historical society (if there is one) might know who the original settlers were on the property?

  3. Is this on your property? We have an old cottage on my parents farm that I watched cave in over the years. It probably has so much history.

  4. Oh I love it! I wish you knew the story as well! I know exactly how you feel. We have an old barn behind our home and I am constantly photographing it. They just don’t make things like they used to. I would love to restore it too… but without winning the lottery I’m not sure it will ever happen! Love your photos!

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