Last Water Fun Of Summer

I love the water and especially a fun girl’s weekend at the lake. Enjoyed the last bit of water fun this last weekend. It is always a melancholy event for me as I love catching the last bit of summer, but on the other hand knowing that winter will be looming ahead very shortly. All my friends know very well that I am NOT a winter person which make them laugh because we are generally blessed with warm winters here. Still… you can simply assume I am a spring, summer and fall kind of gal. Last weekend was a perfect time; however it passed way too quickly.

I took these sunset photos with my iPhone. Glorious colors. Glorious time.



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  1. Ashley {The North Carolina Cowgirl} says

    I’m a lake girl myself. Best part of going to the lake is sitting on the porch swing in the evening and watching the sun set or watching storms. I hate the lake days are coming to an end!

  2. Judy Lambright says

    Your photos are glorious!May I ask what lake that is? Also,am missing photos of baby animals,did you not have any this Spring or did I miss them.ITB,JLL

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I took lots, but guess I never got posted. I have one I just took a few weeks ago and will post in a few days. Also, got a nice nursing pic which will post. Sometimes life just gets too busy!

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