Ranch Fail

We had a beautiful “ranch fail” this week. My sweet favorite cow #35 (you have heard me rave on and on about her) for whatever reason did not get bred this last year. I felt so sorry for her as all her cow friends in her pasture had most of their babies in the spring. A couple of cows in her pasture have calved this fall along with the other mama’s who are in the birthing pasture. I pictured poor 35 as feeling like a failure and I am sure all the other mama’s taunted her with their darling new calves all summer.

This week when checking on the cows we spotted 35 who seemed to have “borrowed” another mom’s newborn. NOT SO. Our amusing 35 had the cutest new baby and it was all hers! She was so proud and wanted us to see that she had her own little baby. If a cow can smile, 35 has been smiling all week.

Today 35 was grazing. She let me go right to her baby who was “hidden” in the bushes. Took me a while to find her. Her mom watched from a distance as I took photos up close of baby 35.

What does this say about Cowboy and me? We had a big “ranch fail” in not determining she was pregnant. I swear I visit with her all the time and she simply did not appear to have a growing belly. I am not sure if she had the pregnancy check with other cows, but Cowboy and I were totally not prepared for her birth. Oh well, what can I say? We win the “Award of Shame” in the birthing category!

Mama 35 grazing and watching me from the distance.

35 After Baby

Baby 35 was “hidden” by mom in the bushes. She is 4 days old.

35s Baby 2015

Pure Sweetness! Baby 35 let me photograph her. She has a beautiful chocolate brown color and we love her face markings. Life really is fun when we have babies!

35 baby head

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  1. Judy Lambright says

    That’s what I was talking about,thanks a bunch:)Judi

  2. I could feel how happy and excited you were– and that was me a couple of weeks ago when our cow had her beautiful little calf. We found him in a ball in the pasture, and watched him take his first steps! Everything around here has a shelf life, for sure, and you know that everything eventually dies….so when you see new life is it so good for the heart. 🙂

    Congratulations on Baby 35!

  3. What a sweet little baby and surprise!

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