Beach Thanksgiving

Wow, what a wonderful Thanksgiving I had! Spent a week in WaterColor Florida with my out of town kids. Such a special time to spend one entire week with them! The weather was a little cold the first day we arrived, but turned warmer each day we were there. The majority of our time we parked ourselves at the beach, however we also biked, canoed, walked, ate seafood. We were lucky to see the Seaside production of the Nutcracker at the outdoor pavilion. We dined on shrimp, red snapper, black snapper, flounder and all sorts of other yummy seafood. It was a week filled full with fun in the sun. Lots of memories made!

Here are a few ocean photos. I never seem to get the shots that are branded in my brain. The ocean is simply beyond awesome…

All photos were taken with my iPhone. They really DO come in handy.

The clouds were spectacular. The water took on many different shades each day. I have only been to beach in summer and loved being there this time of year. It was nice being in the warm sun and feeling the ocean breezes. I am well aware that it could have been severely cold and so happy for us that it was not…


Ocean Sunset

Beach Bird

Dark Sunset


Panama Beach Pier

Water Darkness

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  1. FL is definitely the perfect place to be at the beach in December! 😉 Beautiful pics!

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