Sing To My Babies

It was a lovely weekend at the farm. It has been cold and rainy for much of the last couple of months. That makes it so much NOT fun to enjoy hiking, working and enjoying the animals. Last week I cleaned the farmhouse so I would be ready for the two nice days predicted by the weatherman. Sure enough- we got our warm weather. I cleaned the roads of trash, cleaned up yard of branches and twigs that fall in the winter, mucked donkey and goat barns, put out hay, fed cubes to cows and spent most of Sunday cutting cedar trees that were starting to block our paths. I saved a little time to spend with our older babies. I love being with the babies and I think they like it too or else they are simply amused with me. They are the cutest little animals and ever so sweet. I walk to where they are and just talk and coo to them and they gather round and listen (or pretend) to listen to every word. Sometimes I sing to them and they perk right up and even some of their mama’s come to join in the fun.

So now you know. I am the crazy lady that sings to her cow babies.

We have new babies due any day now so I will have a whole new batch to love!

Caught a blurry nursing shot for you! It is sweet never-the-less.

Jan Nursing

I love this little ones stocky little legs.


This little red one is a favorite.


This little blond is going to grow up to be beautiful.


Cattle come and go and I try not to get emotionally attached, but I do try to give them attention while they are here at farm. And occasionally I have one I just cannot let go so they get to stay and enjoy the fun even though that is not how it works in the farm world!

I really DO love cows!!

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