We Will Remember the Alamo Bowl

I am home from the Alamo Bowl and have had time to reflect on our entire TCU Frog football season.  What a rollercoaster ride we have been on. It has been an emotional season and one in which we have had to be extremely flexible. Simply put, sometimes it is just exhausting being a die-hard TCU fan.

In the football world our fall started out with huge expectations. Our ranking was high and fans spirits reflected this. Me, on the other hand, not so much. High rankings scare the heck out of me and personally I prefer when we are ranked lower and work our self upward as we did last year to the Peach Bowl. Fall 2015 started on a high note – then the injuries began to happen. In the course of one season we lost over 20 players including much of our defensive team. Game by game we managed to end up in the win column. Many times the team had to come from behind, but they have been a determined bunch of kids and pulled off many games that way. Near the end of the season we suffered our loses, but our team came back and had some impressive wins. The season was finally over and we were invited to the Alamo Bowl. Fort Worth and the TCU community embraced the team and we filled hotels across the city to follow and support our team. I am not sure how many of us traveled to San Antonio, but I know we filled the stadium with purple! We wanted to let our “team” know how much we loved them.

We traveled to the bowl missing many key players who still were injured so many of our young players would be playing. We had the usual ESPN media rooting against us which is typical every year. Then we woke up to really sad news that a few of our players had broken curfew and would not be playing. I know this happens and we read about these things happening with other collegiate players, but this was so unexpected because this young man has been a perfect kid and role model for the last four years. He graduated in December and his future was looking bright. I think every Frog Fan felt like they had been kicked. We were mad, sad and concerned all rolled into one. Enter Gary Patterson… who always does the right thing. Bail Boykin out and let him play? NO. Get him out and send him home-YES. What a strong man who tries to make his team accountable. We are always proud that he makes our players accountable. It is incredibly hard, but we know it is the right thing for every athlete that plays for TCU.  With Gary we can always hold our heads high. In Gary, we REALLY do trust.

We believe in Gary Patterson because he believes in himself. This time was a huge leap of faith for “us” fans. We had no Boykin or Dotson and a team of young kids. Oregon is a top national team to be admired and respected. Fort Worth and TCU poured into San Antonio in droves to support our team although I can imagine the conversations in many a car were not terribly positive that we would be driving home with a big win. I admit that I was one of those fans who had that little nagging feeling in my gut that maybe we were in for a rough ride and I was right. We spent the first half cheering, but inside wanting to cry for our sweet team. It was almost more than I could bear. Yet, a stadium full of purple sat in their seats to finish out the game. I imagine many wanted to leave at half-time, but we love our team so that was not an option. I have always said that our team needs us the most when we are down. It is easy to follow a team when they are at top and everything is going smoothly, but a true fan sticks in there when things are tough. The second half was amazing and I imagine there was not a Frog Fan in the Alamo Dome that wasn’t brought to tears by the determination of this spunky team. We watched a team with little confidence in the first half morph into a team that with each play became confident in themselves. We could physically watch changes in their body language. This bunch of young guys with each new play were really becoming a TEAM. They were not a team of two or three, but instead a team which each of them counted. It is hard to explain, but you could actually see from the stands the physical changes in the players. Their body language completely changed with each play. It is something remarkable and I have never seen before and I will never forget. They have left us fans a beautiful legacy and message for living life. When things are down we do have the ability to make things better for ourselves. Yes, our spunky little team has given us a wonderful gift much greater than their Alamo Bowl win. Thank you FROGS! It was the worst and best game I have ever attended and for me personally it was more memorable than my trip to the Rose Bowl. We are beyond proud of you…

TCU Won! 47  Oregon 41

One last comment. I have had many days to think about TB. He has spent four years at TCU making us proud. He has served as a role model. He worked hard to become a top national player. The TCU and Fort Worth community supported him and loved him. Maybe we invested too much energy into our “star” player and not enough for the entire team, but I think that is just how it works so we should not feel badly. I do know that he gave us four years of excitement and a reason to be proud. All it took was one second and a huge lapse in judgment to change the course of his life. I hope he knows that most of us have spent the week mad, sad and worried because he is a part of our TCU family. He is no different than our own children- we were terribly disappointed in him, but our hearts will help lift him up. We have every hope that he will take this learning experience and grow from it. I have already forgiven him for letting his team down and it appears they have also. TB, we wish you the best and in our hearts we are hoping that you make the best out of life and do not let this one incident define you.

Could there be a better way to start this year? Who knew that a group of young men with the odds against them could teach us all many valuable lessons. I, for one, will add to my New Year resolution goals the following simple list:

  • When you are down and out-don’t get down and out
  • Don’t believe what you see on ESPN
  • If you fail then keep trying to succeed
  • We are all capable of achieving more than we can ever imagine
  • If you stand tall others will follow you
  • If others believe in you then believe in yourself
  • Never give up. Never quit.
  • Forgiveness will set you free
  • Ditch the black- stick with purple
  • If you were a Frog Fan that left at half-time lets just say you got what you deserved!


Go Frogs! Love from a life-time fan. I will remember the Alamo Bowl forever. Not for the win, but how you got the win!

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  1. Football!! Don’t hate me but I gotta do it…ROLL TIDE!!! And can we talk about the Carolina Panthers..holy moly are they having a great year! 😉

  2. I’m with you in spirit. We had the same experience, but with the Peach Bowl. My baby is on the FSU Seminoles team. I went to University of Miami, but our family bleeds garnet and gold!! Go Noles!
    Love this time of year…

    • weekendcowgirl says

      How great about your son! We did win, but our first half was not pretty!!!!!! I love your blog and will visit it tomorrow and spend some time reading. Thanks for visiting!

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