Cow Babies Are Back

The “baby” pasture has been very busy this week! I think when I counted yesterday there were around nine or ten new babies. What a happy time here at the farm. The babies give us much joy and I spend lots of time just standing and watching the fun. Nothing cuter than little cow babies to put a smile on ones face and to make the world right.

This beautiful baby was born about 4 hours before I took this. I love her little dove coloring. Her mom was still cleaning her up here and there. So sweet.

Newborn Cleaned

Of course no baby posting is complete without my favorite nursing photos. I can watch them get dinner for hours. In the spring I guess it might be my favorite past time activity.

Happy Baby

Love this little one. Call her the “social director” as she bounced from baby to baby to check on them and see if they wanted to play! She is a little older than the rest. She has personality plus.

Pretty White Face


This was one of our new little sweeties. She was very interested in visiting with me, but her mom not so much!

Baby Angus

Our little social director took the time to visit this newer born baby and proceeded to help clean her then obviously was tired so just cuddled up for a nice nap with her new friend. You really cannot imagine how wonderful cows and calves are until you spend time with them. They really help make my life complete!

New Friend

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