Many Faces of Orphan Andy

Our Orphan Andy is just the best little donkey. He has a personality as big as the world. I just wish he could speak in human words because he would have so much to impart to us. Our feelings are strong as he lost his lovely mom at 20 days old and we have loved him devotedly. He was bottle fed and raised by a family member who raises goats for the stock show. Then he came home to us and the other donkeys and goats who loved him. He demands lots of love and he provides us with hours of amusement. We are so lucky to have this little donkey boy living with us. When we let him in with us he just follows us around as if he were a puppy dog. When I go for hike in his pasture he just comes along with me. No greater love than we have for our Andy.

Andy talking to me last week!

Andy Hee-Haw

I love donkey faces. I love donkey eyes. They really have so much to say. Donkeys are very smart animals and very social and loving…

Andy Face

This was Andy last week when he walked with me to the baby pasture where the mama cows are having their babies. I found out that Andy spends a lot of time at that fence making friends with the moms and babies. They all came to the fence to say hello to Andy and he licked their noses and they let him and it was evident he did this often. This is what happens when I slow down to smell the “roses.” I find out what has been happening around the farm!

Andy Watching Cows

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  1. Beverly McIntyre says

    Love this donkey!!’

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, he thinks he is a goat. When he came back to farm & had no mom the goats took over raising him. He spends most of his time with them & sleeps with them. It really is sweet….

  2. He is adorable!

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