Texas Touch

We have a new “visitor” at the farm. His name is “Texas Touch” and actually he has been visiting the girls for about a month. All the girls have been AI (artificially inseminated) so now Texas Touch is visiting just in case the AI did not take with any of the cows.

I have been watching him for the last couple of weeks when I have been trimming around the oak trees in the pastures. The cows all like to follow me and watch me working hard! I have had time to observe Texas Touch and interaction with the girls and all I can say is that there has been no big action here at farm. For the most part they have treated him like a brother! The first hint I have seen was this weekend when he was acting like maybe, just maybe there can be a little love in his life! He is pretty impressive and I would love to have one of calves as they would be super cute. Texas Touch is a massive bull, but he is the sweetest thing. He is very friendly and likes to stay close to me while I am working. I talk to him like I do the girls and he just acts as if he is listening. I have not asked about his background, but I bet he was raised by some sweet kid and shown at a stock show. He just has that mild and calm manner and certainly not like some of the bulls we had when I was growing up on a ranch which were not on the friendlier side. Having said this- I never trust any of the cows or bulls because let’s face it they are huge and I would not fare well being knocked over so I always keep a watchful eye out for my four legged friends.

Here is to Texas Touch and to the girls and keeping our fingers crossed for healthy, pretty and big babies this fall. Here on the farm the fun is all about having the “babies!”

Texas Touch 2016

Texas Touch HeadShot


Texas Touch

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  1. Beverly McIntyte says

    That is one big Bull!

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