Indian Blanket With A Twist

We have a huge crop of Indian Blankets at the farm this year and ya”ll know they are my favorites. Yesterday I spent hours taking photos and simply soaking up the beauty. I was walking in a pasture and found this little beauty growing around some rocks. She was just a little different than most of our Indian Blankets. Our Indian Blankets have less yellow and more orange. She was the gem of the day! It was like the time I found a white Bluebonnet. They are the special times with nature that put a little smile on your face.

Different Indian Blanket Sm


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  1. Oh man that is a really pretty flower! Wish we had those around my farm! They’d be a centerpiece on my counter for sure!

  2. These are so pretty, they would make the best bouquet.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      They grow them for gardens now. They look like the wildflower variety, but they are a little larger. I just planted some in flowerbed!!!

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