It’s Really HOT Outside

104 degrees today and I am sweltering! It is a good day to post a Canada photo from June where, not only was it cool, there was plenty of snow also. I just managed to download all of my photos so will be sharing some beautiful nature and awesome animal photos soon. Today is just one of those days at farm where you move water around to keep the plants alive and take care of the animals and other than that I am staying inside the rest of the day!

I love the four tiers in this photo. It was a cool day and the clouds were laying very low.

  • Trees on mountains
  • Low hanging clouds on mountain
  • The top of mountain
  • The sky



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  1. Love this photo too! Reminds me of the painting I did of Denali. . .low clouds are SO mysterious.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I love cloud photo. Got a million of them in Canada. I will post some soon. I am going to blow up a few for home!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      All my photos had a “look” in Canada as the weather was overcast the entire time so never any sun in photos which I am not used to…

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