New Orleans Cemetery

My grandmother had a love of everything New Orleans. She and my grandfather’s best friend lived in NOLA and they visited him many times throughout the years. I think my grandmother loved antique shopping there more than anything and my favorite little table came from there. I also love New Orleans. I love the architecture; especially the old French structures. I love the high energy. I love the “edgy” factor. Love the old lore and stories. The food hands down is the best anywhere and alas the drinks are too! One of my sons even married in New Orleans because he shared our love of this beautiful city. The one thing my grandmother and son did not share with me is my love of New Orleans cemeteries! I love everything about them and find the architecture powerful and grand. The history pulls me in and I want to find out about every single family resting there. The cemetery I last visited in 2015 was one of oldest in New Orleans where many families have since passed on and there is no one to care for the family tombs. The lack of repair seems to the naked eye to be a statement of disrespect which brings a certain sadness because most of the tombs and crypts are a thing of exquisite beauty. Post Katrina the cemeteries are in a worse state of disrepair and it makes my heart so sad to see these amazing works of art turn to crumbling art works of the past. What the water did not take people have actually vandalized. To visit a NOLA cemetery is not for the faint of heart. One moment you feel the strength of the towering monuments honoring their “people” and around the bend you find a deplorable, once honorable, memorial that is shattered into pieces. Visiting a NOLA cemetery is definitely an emotional experience and I am longing to visit again soon. If only I could bring an Army of volunteers to help rebuild this intriguing fading past.

These photos have no theme or reason- I simply pulled a few I liked this morning.









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  1. OOO you just brought my favorite TV show to life! (i.e. The Originals on the CW) Yes I’m still a sucker for vampire tv shows as a full grown adult. Haha.
    I was wondering if the cemetery really looked like that! I need to visit New Orleans soon and go there. I love historical stuff like that.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      They are beautiful cemeteries. Of course, they do tours of the ones close to the French Quarter. You have to be careful and not go alone. I am sure tours are safe. After Katrina they took a hit and unless on a tour need to leave before sunset. You need to go!!!

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