Cows Aren’t Just Cows

Through the years cows come and go at our place and I try to not get emotionally attached knowing that someday they will be gone. This especially holds true with the babies. I try to live by the theory to “just enjoy them while they are here with us”… Of course many of the mama cows live a long life here and I usually end up loving all of them. Occasionally there will be a special cow that I absolutely fall in love with and no matter how hard I try my heart skips a beat and it is a done deal. Last month this happened to me. This winter we ended up with several babies whose moms died while giving birth and a few moms who refused to feed their babies. Our neighbor brought in some milk cows from auction to feed these little ones. After finishing up their mama duties one of the milk cows ended up at our place to graze for the winter. In all my years of growing up on a ranch then having this farm I have never ever been around milk cows. Well, this Guernsey milk cow just stole my heart and I never want her to leave! I have named her Mabel. We arranged for her to live at our place and I am a happy camper! She has been bred so when the girls all give birth if there are any troubles Mabel will be able to be a surrogate mom and feed any calf whose mom cannot feed them. For now she is living the good life at our place. This week she may be noticing that I call her Mabel so think she will know her name soon. She is the sweetest thing. She is a little timid, but warming up to us every day.

So here is to Mabel my new best friend! “Be still my heart” – I have fallen head over heels for this sweet animal.

This is a face to love, right?


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  1. Barbara Finley Memard says

    We had a milk cow we named Elsie (Borden’s Milk) and her calf, of course, Beauregard. I loved
    going out to milk with my Dad everyday. However, the milk tasted awful. Thankfully I didn’t have to drink
    it or use on cereal often. I think my Mom used it cooking. On day they went to tbe sale…so sad!

    Those cows are my earliest chilhood memories of the first livestock I remember on our farm. It’s funny the things you remember and think back on.

    Thanks for sharing Mabel! Have fun!

  2. Love me a Jersey! Honeybuns is my Jersey whom I share with a neighbor. The plan is to get Honey pregnant, have a calf (hopefully a female) and get a tiny little herd started. In the meantime, I buy rich Jersey cream from Dutchess Dairy and churn butter.

  3. Just look at those eyes! How could anyone resist!

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