Cows Aren’t Just Cows

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  1. Barbara Finley Memard says

    We had a milk cow we named Elsie (Borden’s Milk) and her calf, of course, Beauregard. I loved
    going out to milk with my Dad everyday. However, the milk tasted awful. Thankfully I didn’t have to drink
    it or use on cereal often. I think my Mom used it cooking. On day they went to tbe sale…so sad!

    Those cows are my earliest chilhood memories of the first livestock I remember on our farm. It’s funny the things you remember and think back on.

    Thanks for sharing Mabel! Have fun!

  2. Love me a Jersey! Honeybuns is my Jersey whom I share with a neighbor. The plan is to get Honey pregnant, have a calf (hopefully a female) and get a tiny little herd started. In the meantime, I buy rich Jersey cream from Dutchess Dairy and churn butter.

  3. Just look at those eyes! How could anyone resist!

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