Great Grandfather Memories

My great grandfather on my father’s side was a lovely man. He died when I was fairly young, but I still have wonderful memories of him. He was kind, gentle and very active in his church. He lived in Elk City, Oklahoma and I remember trips to visit he and my great grandmother. By the time I was born he was retired and not in perfect health. I remember his house was always filled with church friends and much of his time was spent with church activities where he was good friends with the minister. I wish I had a photo of his house, but I don’t. It was modest, but he lived a humble life so it was a happy home.

I do have this one photo of his country grocery which was very prosperous until the depression hit. My great grandfather had such a kind heart that he let everyone sign notes to pay for their food later when they were able to obtain money. Of course, his beautiful little grocery had to close due to money going out and no money coming in! It financially destroyed him, but no one ever heard him utter a complaint.

I have this one photo which I love! I have always thought how much fun it would be to visit this little store. I imagine he had many fun times running his store and judging from the men in this photo I think it must have been a happy meeting place for the neighborhood men. Happy times before the depression hit.

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