About This Cowgirl

I am just an ordinary kind of girl who loves her ordinary life! Family is the most important aspect of my life and although I have already raised “my” children, now I can simply enjoy my beautiful grandchildren.  Did I say that my grand-kiddos are the BEST?   Our family pets are a huge part of my life. I have always had lots of dogs, cats, horses, donkey’s, sheep, goats and cows around and they all have made life better. My friends say when they are reincarnated they would love to come back as my cats.

I have many fun interests such as antiques & flea markets, photography, genealogy, reading, taking on-line tech classes, Delta Gamma, Texas Christian University and TCU/collegiate sports.  One of my passions is taking photographs of nature and animals. Love meeting my friends for lunch and dinner and love to take girl trips! I like flip flops, tee shirts, hearts, road trips and anything paisley. I am a social media junkie. My favorite thing in the world is a Starbuck’s Vanilla Skinny Latte – I am addicted. Key Lime Pie and Margarita’s come in a close second! Sunflowers and lavender are my favorite flowers. I am terrible at crafts so I guess you could say this blog is my hobby. Love spending time enjoying farm things and taking care of our farm animals. Most of the time we have plenty of cows, sheep, goats and donkey’s to keep us company. Love jumping on my “beat up” tractor to mow. My friends call me the “Rattlesnake Whisperer” because I seem to be a human reptile magnet! I grew up on a ranch in a very small rural area and love my continued farm/ranch life. Being a cowgirl is the most fun thing ever!

Best of all I am totally crazy about my cowboy!

Living Life is just about perfect…

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