Sometimes you wait and wait and the words just never come to help you express how you are feeling. This last month my heart wanted to tell the world how one special goat’s love had given me so many blessings, but the words would not come. Time is passing so I woke up today and decided I just had to do the best I could do.

We lost our sweet Jeff on November 4th. He had led a great and long life. But, for me life just won’t be the same.

Jeff was the very first goat I ever owned and it was love at first sight. He was delivered and left his secure loving home of being a show goat to a sweet little girl. He was pretty sweet and had the company of three donkeys at the time who happily took him in as their new friend . He was the cutest thing and loved to come in the yard with me and just hang out. Soon he got new goat friends and new donkey friends. Then a few of his donkey friends had babies much to his delight. Once the babies were born Jeff was always near by and he seemed to want to be their protector along with their moms. One night our precious donkey baby Andy, who was only a few weeks old, suddenly lost his mom. When we woke the next morning to such a tragedy we noticed that Jeff was laying right with baby Andy keeping him warm and tying to console this infant donkey. That night a bond was formed and for every single night until the night he died he continued to sleep with Andy the donkey. He took over the mothering role and Andy who had lost his donkey mom gained a goat mom. The two were always together and especially at night Jeff held the “mother” title for Andy.

Andy is doing ok and has his other goat friends, but I can’t but help think that every evening he might miss his dearest goat friend…

As for me, my heart is still full of tears for my precious Jeff. I love all my farm animals, but sometimes you have a friend that has found a special spot in your heart. Jeff will be with me forever, but I really miss his affection.

I really cannot say good-bye yet sweet Jeff. I love you! Thank you for giving me the gift of you. You were the ultimate grandfather of them all…

Andy and I stayed with Jeff for hours giving him loving and comfort and holding him until his journey was over. Andy would come and go, but for the most-part Andy hung right there with me and occasionally he would lick and nudge Jeff.  It really was a day of love and me learning that animals are so much smarter than we even imagine and they can very much express love and saddness.

Wildflowers 2016

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Newly Born

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Spring Calves

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Wordless Wednesday

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Many Faces of Orphan Andy

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Texas Touch

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Looking Cute

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