Unexpected Gifts Fill The Heart

I have a friend who is a distant cousin who I have only met once in my life when I was 17. Many years passed and through the years we have corresponded every once in awhile with occasional Christmas cards. I have many fond memories of her and two other cousins I met on that trip long ago and have kept the memories tucked away inside of the special time spent and a connection cemented in my mind.

I had not heard from her in several years and looked every day in the December mail to see if I would hear from her. On her end she was fine and just busy as we all get. One day in December I received an email from her with a precious picture she had drawn of my goat, Mr. Brown. She is an accomplished illustrator and Mr. Brown was such a pleasant surprise! Last week I received a memorial drawing of Fisher who passed away right before Christmas leaving us all a little sad right before the holidays. Happy tears happened upon seeing our sweet Fisher.

Reconnecting has been such a blessing and has filled my heart and made it full. The paintings/drawings of Mr. Brown and Fisher have been the greatest gifts of love from a sweet friend who has only met me once, but “knows” me and that our animals are gifts that we are blessed to take care of on this earth and we love them with all our hearts.

Thank you special cousin and friend. You really DO know me! My life is forever enriched by our life connection.

Are these not the most precious drawings ever? They are my “pride and joys.”


Riding around our place and bumped into several bushes/trees I had never noticed before. There are several trees in the middle of a hidden bushy area that are heavy with beautiful bright orange berries. They look like Pyracantha berries, but I did not know those would grow in the wild. No matter what kind of berries these are, the birds will have many delectable meals. I just wish they were closer … [Read More...]

Love That Rabbit

This rabbit stays under our Oak trees in the summer. Love this pot and usually stick a plant into it which looks great. It is time for me to put him up for the winter. I have never seen another one like him so want him to last a long time. I wish I could find a cat like him! … [Read More...]

Cowboy Bought Me A New John Deere Tractor

Imagine my surprise when Cowboy brought home this new John Deere tractor for me this summer! Not exactly the John Deere I was hoping for!! … [Read More...]

The Girls Rule

The girls are my special friends. They are so amazing, so full of personality and ever so loyal. They are easy to love. They just want to be around us. They ask very little from us except for carrots and apples! … [Read More...]

Blast From the Past

You have not lived until you have plunked yourself on one of these old metal motel lawn chairs from the 1950s. Growing up they were at every travel motel sitting under the trees and if you were lucky, by the pool! I have had a love for these chairs forever. I finally found a few and they sit under my farm oak trees. I eat, read, think & do nothing in these chairs. In November I will put them … [Read More...]

Cake Dreamy

  We celebrated my little two year old granddaughter's birthday last evening. This was her cake which I totally fell in love with. Oh my, when I was a little girl I would have loved this cake. I would LOVE this cake now! Not only was it pretty, but it was wonderful tasting also. I am having some for breakfast! … [Read More...]

Last Flowers of Summer

Oh- how I hate that summer is gone and although I do love fall I am not a big winter fan. These flowers are the last color of summer and anyone that knows me knows I LOVE summer. I know these flowers will cease blooming in the next few weeks and slowly the yard will morph into shades of brown and gray. Oh well, before long it will be Christmas and then I will only have to wait four months until … [Read More...]

Getting Ready for Winter

  I just finished putting tung oil on my bench to prepare it for winter. Also purchased a nice bench cover to protect the bench. Found this cute pillow and put it back for next spring where it will sit on the porch bench! Wow, is that planning ahead or what? True story is I walked in the store and it had been reduced three times so I could not resist buying it.  Next spring my bench will be … [Read More...]

The Real Deal

This cute green cowboy material is actually from the 1950s! It is the real thing and not a new retro fabric. I found this in an antique store. I actually knew more than one person who had this fabric in the 1950s in the small town where I grew up! … [Read More...]

More Retro Cowboy

This is a cute blanket throw in retro cowboy. I love these materials. I would not want an entire room in them, but a piece here and there as an accent is nice. … [Read More...]

Retro Cowboy

  I really love all the cowboy retro materials from the 40s & 50s! I can remember when growing up actually seeing these materials in houses. Anyway, found some material at a local flea and made into a pillow. It just gives me a good feeling to look at it! … [Read More...]

Strangest September Sunset

We had this very unusual sunset earlier in the month. It was dramatically different from most of our sunsets. This one was hard to capture on photo, but in real life it almost looked biblical... … [Read More...]

Isn’t She Sweet?

This Canada fawn was ready to let me take as many pictures as I wanted which was fun to be able to get up close and get a head shot. The deer around my parts do NOT stick around and let me take pictures. Run is the name of the game! Can you blame them? … [Read More...]

Ball Park Deer

What you cannot see in this picture is that this deer in Waterton, Canada was actually sitting on a baseball field watching the local baseball game in progress. Waterton actually has deer wandering all over the place. In town, on front lawns, beside the roads and at the baseball field! … [Read More...]