Merry Merry!

Hoping each of you will have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. And most of all blessings to all your four legged friends!!

The Bluebonnet Boys

These are our sweet "retired" hunting dogs! They do not hunt anymore as they are both very old, but they can still love us to pieces. They are both happy dogs and at the end of the day all they demand is their treats! … [Read More...]

Let Me Interrupt This Blog… GO FROGS!

Our farm is our first love, but a close second is TCU. We are so proud of our football team this year & are ranked in BCS poll # 4 going into game with Utah this weekend. We are so excited for our school and our football team. We are hoping for a huge win this weekend against a really great Utah team... and we thank ESPN for honoring TCU by coming to campus this weekend for ESPN College … [Read More...]

Bike Heaven

Saw this darling old vintage fence with the old bikes attached to it. Very cute. Unfortunately, there was a huge "For Sale" sign posted on the property. I suspect the fence and bikes will be torn down soon. But, for now it is charming in it's own strange way. … [Read More...]

Barn Wood Cross

Took a picture on girls weekend of this rustic wooden cross. I  put it on Cowboy's list of things to do!  I can get the stars at the local flea to attach to it. This will be an easy project for Cowboy to make and will be a fun new thing to put out in the yard next spring. … [Read More...]

Unusual Bed & Breakfast

 Went with girlfriends for a holiday shopping weekend. We stayed at a really fun Bed & Breakfast that was composed of old cabins from the past. Many are quite rustic, but very cute. Nothing better than shopping with friends! I did not buy very much, but just seeing all the holiday decorations put me in the mood for the holidays so guess I can officially say " I have the holiday spirit"! … [Read More...]

More Junk, Anyone?

I am crazy about "junk", but it must be cute junk! Well... at least cute to me. This is a baby blue vintage enamel pail that I found at a antique store. It sits in my bedroom and serves as a magazine holder for all my Texas Highways magazines and it is one of my favorite things! I wonder if they made these things in chocolate brown? I would love one. … [Read More...]

Gotta Get a Bargain!

I love a good bargain! Got this old 50s metal stool at a junk store for $2. It was rusty and one leg broken. A little work on leg & almond spray paint and it is good as new...nearly. Next summer it will make a cool plant stand on my porch. … [Read More...]


Riding around our place and bumped into several bushes/trees I had never noticed before. There are several trees in the middle of a hidden bushy area that are heavy with beautiful bright orange berries. They look like Pyracantha berries, but I did not know those would grow in the wild. No matter what kind of berries these are, the birds will have many delectable meals. I just wish they were closer … [Read More...]

Love That Rabbit

This rabbit stays under our Oak trees in the summer. Love this pot and usually stick a plant into it which looks great. It is time for me to put him up for the winter. I have never seen another one like him so want him to last a long time. I wish I could find a cat like him! … [Read More...]

Cowboy Bought Me A New John Deere Tractor

Imagine my surprise when Cowboy brought home this new John Deere tractor for me this summer! Not exactly the John Deere I was hoping for!! … [Read More...]

The Girls Rule

The girls are my special friends. They are so amazing, so full of personality and ever so loyal. They are easy to love. They just want to be around us. They ask very little from us except for carrots and apples! … [Read More...]

Blast From the Past

You have not lived until you have plunked yourself on one of these old metal motel lawn chairs from the 1950s. Growing up they were at every travel motel sitting under the trees and if you were lucky, by the pool! I have had a love for these chairs forever. I finally found a few and they sit under my farm oak trees. I eat, read, think & do nothing in these chairs. In November I will put them … [Read More...]

Cake Dreamy

  We celebrated my little two year old granddaughter's birthday last evening. This was her cake which I totally fell in love with. Oh my, when I was a little girl I would have loved this cake. I would LOVE this cake now! Not only was it pretty, but it was wonderful tasting also. I am having some for breakfast! … [Read More...]

Last Flowers of Summer

Oh- how I hate that summer is gone and although I do love fall I am not a big winter fan. These flowers are the last color of summer and anyone that knows me knows I LOVE summer. I know these flowers will cease blooming in the next few weeks and slowly the yard will morph into shades of brown and gray. Oh well, before long it will be Christmas and then I will only have to wait four months until … [Read More...]