Unexpected Gifts Fill The Heart

I have a friend who is a distant cousin who I have only met once in my life when I was 17. Many years passed and through the years we have corresponded every once in awhile with occasional Christmas cards. I have many fond memories of her and two other cousins I met on that trip long ago and have kept the memories tucked away inside of the special time spent and a connection cemented in my mind.

I had not heard from her in several years and looked every day in the December mail to see if I would hear from her. On her end she was fine and just busy as we all get. One day in December I received an email from her with a precious picture she had drawn of my goat, Mr. Brown. She is an accomplished illustrator and Mr. Brown was such a pleasant surprise! Last week I received a memorial drawing of Fisher who passed away right before Christmas leaving us all a little sad right before the holidays. Happy tears happened upon seeing our sweet Fisher.

Reconnecting has been such a blessing and has filled my heart and made it full. The paintings/drawings of Mr. Brown and Fisher have been the greatest gifts of love from a sweet friend who has only met me once, but “knows” me and that our animals are gifts that we are blessed to take care of on this earth and we love them with all our hearts.

Thank you special cousin and friend. You really DO know me! My life is forever enriched by our life connection.

Are these not the most precious drawings ever? They are my “pride and joys.”

Cute Critter

Chipmunks are the cutest. At least they seem cuter than the pesky squirrel I had in my attic last winter. I saw this one in Waterton, Canada this summer while visiting the Waterton waterfall. I think I like Chipmunks and think I can pass on squirrels. I have a farm squirrel who manages to get in our chicken coup/playhouse every winter. Oh my goodness, what a huge mess he makes of everything. We … [Read More...]

Big Horn Sheep

This big feller got caught in the Glacier Park road construction this summer and could not seem to find a way to get off of the road.  Some stupid man got out of his car to get a really great close up picture and I was hoping to see the man go flying from a head butt, but this big guy was way to busy trying to get away to give us that pleasure! Park visitors can be irritating! … [Read More...]

Daddy Goat

Daddy Goat from Glacier National Park this summer. He had his family with him sitting right by the road! … [Read More...]

Baby Griz at Farm?

No grizzlies at farm! But I did visit friends in Montana and got a great shot of this little guy up close. Mom was on down the hill eating her fill of Huckleberries long enough for me to capture her baby. I love our farm, but Montana is absolutely beautiful! More Montana pictures later. … [Read More...]

Cha-Cha Solar!

  Got a few of these cute solar lanterns to try out and they worked great. How easy & so very cute for any farm or house. I wish I had ordered more... They came from Target. … [Read More...]

Antique Chicken Coup

Our farm has an old chicken coup that was built around late 1800's. It used to be in the cattle & sheep pasture. That pasture now has my donkey's and pet goats. I have always loved this little structure. It was a rickety falling down little thing that had seen better days. A few years ago I made cowboy have the stone restored and had a little tin top but on it. Then we moved the fence line to … [Read More...]

Can I Cook Eggs on Sidewalk?

If I had a farm sidewalk we cook cook our dinner on it tonight...REALLY! I hate to complain, but since I always have an ongoing farm list of things to do and knowing they will not get done in this 105 degree heat today I have posted a picture of where I will probably be all weekend...under our wonderful shade trees. Cowboy got me a really great mist maker so it will be hooked up all weekend. This … [Read More...]

Hope you had a fun July 4th!

Hope you had a nice 4th celebrating our wonderful country. We had an interesting 4th. It was more of a "catch up" weekend at our place. Lots of gardening, dragging water sprinklers around and the usual yard clean up. Our farrier came to take care of our three girls (donkey's) and they must have been celebrating also because they were so good this time. Actually, I think they were just too hot to … [Read More...]


This is Spot & a dog he is not. He is one of our pet goats and he is the one that exudes lots of personality! Spot follows us around like a puppy. If we leave our vehicle doors opens he invites himself inside to ride with us. If we get a trailer out he is the first to get on it in hopes of a free ride. If we are working around the barns he stays right with us. And he does love his treats which … [Read More...]

April Clouds

Did you ever cloud watch as a kid? We had some great clouds in April. I am going to make sure I grab a Diet Coke and blanket and spend one entire hour in June watching clouds! … [Read More...]

I LOVE Birdhouses!

I am crazy for birdhouses. Always have loved them and always had them around my house. I have them on poles all over the farm. Am hoping that the telephone and electric companies do not mind me borrowing space! This spring I added a few old cedar posts and put birdhouses on top for a nice effect. I have lots of extra houses I brought from town that need to be repaired and perhaps a coat of paint … [Read More...]

Blowing in the Wind

What a great weekend. Beautiful warm weather to bring on a big case of "Spring Fever". Finally got those sages planted with a little help from my friends. Got lots of items on my to-do list accomplished. The vet came and worked on a sick goat and the Ferrier came to trim our donkey's hooves. Our girls were not very cooperative this time. In fact, Lucy, our youngest donkey was downright terrible. … [Read More...]

Buffalo Friend

 This grand fellow does not live at my place ( my cowboy will not let me have one) ! I am lucky because he does live "down the road" where I can visit with him occasionally. I have always had a fascination with these wonderful creatures. When I was a little girl my parents would take us kids to a little theme park in Oklahoma where we could enjoy bumper cars and other rides of the past. I loved … [Read More...]

No Bluebonnets This Year

For all our friends who wanted to take pictures of the kids in bluebonnets at the farm please know that it will probably not be happening this year due to our severe drought. I imagine the bluebonnets will be fairly scare this year. Maybe next year will bring the rain we need for beautiful spring flowers. On the bright side March is here and we can all start to celebrate spring really soon. When … [Read More...]