Living Life is Wonderful

Living & Loving Life really is such a gift. For each of us, hopefully, the journey is a long one. Living life brings us a winding road of expectations and where it takes us we never quite know. Our families, who mean the most to us, help make us complete. The rest of life is “fluff” and icing on the cake. Family, friends, animals, nature, travel and doing good all help knit us together in this beautiful world. Cowboy and I are blessed with our farm, and all that comes with it, which gives us so much joy and contentment.  This journey we live is filled with ups and downs and we know how important it is to live every moment because you never get those good times back. The hard times in life are part of all of our experiences. Life goes fast and Weekend Cowgirl is determined to enjoy and embrace every single day! I am hoping that this year will give me new dreams and accomplishments.  Hoping that all my family and friends can say they are loving life also!

Early Indian Blankets

Indian Blankets bloomed early this year! These are my favorites - above any other flower!   … [Read More...]

Sizing Me Up

She was checking me out before she received her immunizations and worming! Not sure if that look is good, bad or deciding on an opinion!  … [Read More...]

Spring Has Sprung

We are having all the fun at the farm. We are starting to have lots of sweet little calves running around. This one was born a week ago... So very cute! … [Read More...]

Cowboy’s Bluebonnets

We continue to be busy, but Cowboy snapped these bluebonnets with his phone a few days ago. Love it when he does that for me. Thanks Cowboy! I am hoping to get some good shots in this week, however rain is forecast for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so we shall see. Make no mistake- we are happy to have the rain! I bet I can catch a few dry hours and go explore for wildflowers. Keep your … [Read More...]

Cows in Pasture

We have been so incredibly busy at the farm this spring. Lots of work in the pastures getting ready for spring grasses. Work on and in barns. Work in the yard. Getting all the winterizing taken down and put up. I love this time of year, but it is very busy time. Our drought of six years has improved and we have actually had some nice rain showers. Everything at the farm is green at this point and … [Read More...]

First Bluebonnets on Easter

Happy Easter! Our first bluebonnets bloomed this week. They are exquisite in their beauty and so welcomed. Spring is really here and we are being rewarded by an abundance of wildflowers. They are going to be beautiful this spring since it is our first year in over five years to actually have moisture.It makes me joyful for my first bluebonnets every single year! Share in the beauty... … [Read More...]

A Little Taste of Summer

Today we welcomed the warmest day since last fall. We had a nice sunny warm 86 degree day. The cows enjoyed every minute basking in the sun then moving to the shade of the trees. Such a relaxing scene...Here are a few of the girls getting their beauty rest on this wonderful first taste of summer! So happy to have spring finally make a showing. … [Read More...]

Frosty Red Head

Here is our frosty little red head in the snow earlier in the week. She is just the cutest cow ever. She wants to be around us all the time and she "talks" constantly to get our attention. A very special cow for sure. Once spring officially arrives I think she will be lots of fun as we will be out and about in the pasture areas. I am thinking she will be our special friend who follows us wherever … [Read More...]

Elk Love The Cold!

We have elk that live close by. We rarely ever see the elk as they stay hidden most of the time. This week the elk are loving the cold and snowy weather. Cowboy was headed to buy feed for the livestock and was able to snap a few iPhone photos of the elk enjoying our fabulous frigid weather. I love elk and always am amazed and excited to see these local ones. Cowboy was totally "stoked" to see them … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday

I want to beam myself here today. Dreaming. Sunshine. Blue skies. Palms.Thanks to my friend who IS visiting this beautiful place today for sharing. … [Read More...]

96 Takes the Cake

96 takes the cake or... in this case the baby. 96 is not the friendliest cow at the farm, nor does she really like me. 96 , however, is a GREAT mama. She took great care of her calf and was highly protective and loving. Before Christmas her baby went away to another ranch to become a show calf and 96 was miserable. Usually, when babies leave it is a bad day for the mamas, but 96 was beyond sad for … [Read More...]

New Best Friend

This week has been lovely weather at the farm so I have been able to be out and about which is what I love. Last weekend we found some old buried junk in one of our dry creek beds. We pulled it out and sent it to the dump. We are not a fan of old junk littering the farm so when new junk appears we get rid of it. After everyone left I went back to the old creek bed to explore and see if I could … [Read More...]

And Now… The Undertaker

My previous post introduced "Three Feathers" and everyone loved him! The "clean-up" bull has now arrived at the farm and his name is "Undertaker" and all I can say is... WOW. He is beautiful and huge. He also is very even tempered even though some of you might think he looks a bit fierce. He actually was a show bull years back and has a nice show bull temperament. Today, I spent time talking and … [Read More...]

Three Feathers

Wanted you to see "Three Feathers" because I think he is so darn cute! Three Feathers is a bull who came to "visit" the girls in November. I was busy trying to get Christmas shopping done and managed only one photo of him on iPhone. Is this not darling of him already making friends with the girls? He actually was really adorable and I hope he will get to come back and visit next year! I bet some … [Read More...]