Bluebonnets Are Blooming

The bluebonnets are finally blooming. Maybe my expectations were too high, but the farm bluebonnets are not very spectacular this year. The flowers are plentiful, however they are very small due to the continued drought. They just do not have that special “punch”.  Yesterday I decided to hit a few country roads in search of a few bluebonnet patches. I luckily found some pretty flowers, but we had rain showers and high winds. It just did not work out for me to get that perfect photo. I am always fearful one of our spring storms will bring hail and the wildflowers will quickly disappear so I took a few shots wind and all. Hopefully, I can spend a day later this week in search of that perfect photo op. Yesterday we had nice warm temps in the 80s and today it plummeted to the 40s with a freeze expected tonight. This is not our typical April weather so hoping this little cold blast does not hurt the wildflowers. Most of the wildflowers in my area are bluebonnets with the paintbrush starting to spring up. Pretty yellow flowers are popping up everywhere also. In retrospect, I am simply amazed we have any wildflowers this year and I am so happy for the visual gift spring has delivered…



Lone BB

Wordless Wednesday


Feed Me!   … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday- Milk Thief


There was a thief at the farm yesterday. This sweet mama was nursing her little brown calf while the little white calf decided he did not care where his milk came from. He decided to sneak a snack! Pretty cute! … [Read More...]

Got Milk?

Getting Milk

I never ever tire of sitting and watching the calves nuzzle their moms and get their dinner. It is a tender moment each and every time. Really, I could spend an entire day watching the calves play, nap and eat. Earlier this week I stretched out on the chaise lounge and watched as a few of the new calves ran, jumped and played with each other. There is nothing cuter and they are no different than a … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday


Glacier National Park 2014. All the beauty with trio of water, rocks and sky. … [Read More...]

The Promise of Spring

Pink Tulip

No one can relish the signs of spring more than me. The first glint of jonquils peeking out of the soil searching for warm sun to pull them upwards is always amazing. Longer days. Warm breezes. Warmer nights. Rain Showers, Budding leaves. Light jackets. New farm babies. Flip flops. Working in garden. Preparing yard. Spring personally brings me renewed energy and the promise of garden flowers, … [Read More...]

Pretty Babies

New Baby Plus One

Last week this momma cow was babysitting another new mom's baby and had a baby of her own right there while she was babysitting! Her baby is the one in foreground and it is about 30 minutes old. The other little baby was about 12 hours old. The second photo is of her baby the next morning. Did not want to bother it as it was asleep in a nest of soft leaves. I just love these babies!   … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday

Storm Brewing

We finally had a little rain last weekend after months and months without a single drop. We are desperate for water as our livestock tanks are all dry. We only had one-half inch of moisture, but it seemed like a bountiful amount and we were happy to receive every drop. Since our shower we have had heavy winds and a terrible dust storm so the fresh clean air is gone already. Ready for more … [Read More...]

I Had Intentions

Montana Sunflower 2013

"Spring Break" is next week and I have an extremely long list of items I want to accomplish. Things like: finish trimming under the oaks, working on my new flower bed, painting the barn and well house doors and give the corral a new coat of metal paint. Fertilize and put down sticker pre-emergent. Put sulfur and bug kill around the foundation of our house. Muck the animal barns, find paint for our … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday- Small Boat Reflections

Boat Reflection

Glacier National Park/McDonald Lake - Summer 2013 Mentally transporting myself there now for the beauty and tranquility. … [Read More...]

Monday Cow Silhouette

Cow Against Sky

Love this girl against the hills and sky. Such a simple photo, yet I love her silhouette against the blue sky. … [Read More...]

February Busy Month At Farm!

Sweet 35 and Baby

Cowboy and I are on a roll and I could not be happier. We have tackled spring projects early this year with gusto. I think we just may complete our projects before the spring/summer heat moves in. You cannot imagine how the heat and wind wear things out here at the farm. The elements are very harsh so every early spring we must spend time mending, cleaning and organizing. The last few weeks I have … [Read More...]

Heart Farm Rock

Farm Heart

I really love this large heart shaped rock we found in the pasture. It is definitely a treasure. It is now sitting on patio table where I am enjoying it every single day. I love finding farm "treasures"! … [Read More...]

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken Soup

We have had too much cold weather and nothing sounds better than soup on a cold day. This weekend the weather warmed up and it was beautiful and sunny. I still was hungry for soup! Chicken soup is very easy in the slow cooker. This recipe is just like every chicken soup out there. Not from any recipe and probably a mix of several. Use shortcuts to make this recipe easy! Chicken Soup 1 … [Read More...]

Happy Valentine’s Day

Weekend Cowgirl Happy Valentines

Have a fun-filled candy day! … [Read More...]