Santa in London

Santa was already front and center on my London visit in October.

Loved this Santa as only Selfridges could do.

All I need is a British phone booth!

Santa in London

Santa & Reindeer

TCU Frogs Win!

Frogs 2014_blog

Love my TCU team! They just finished up their last football game with a big win. So very proud of our team and especially Coach Patterson who finished up this season being the best class act ever. Now, on to my big DREAM... … [Read More...]

Last Fall Sunflower

Sunflower 2014

Sunflowers are my favorite. Snapped this right before last week's freeze. Good-Bye summer and fall. I shall miss you...  The countdown begins now for April wildflowers! This photo simply makes me happy on this dreary November day!   … [Read More...]

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

Cooked this for Cowboy this weekend as we needed some "feel good" food for the cold front that moved in. I found the main recipe on Pinterest (Reasons to Skip the Housework Blog). I did make a few changes to the recipe. Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti 16 oz of spaghetti, cooked 1 lb. Velveeta 2 cups cooked chicken ( I bought chicken already cooked marketed as Fajita Chicken at grocery) 1 … [Read More...]

Quick Snack

Quick Snack

Quick Snack And a Little Kiss … [Read More...]


Grazing White

Just a pretty grazing shot from last week. … [Read More...]

Friday Foto

Her and Mama

This is a sweet pair... Nothing prettier than the Charolais cattle, although my first loves are Black Angus, the Charolais cows surely photograph better! … [Read More...]

Baby Love

Black and White

Nothing like sweet "Baby Love". Cows are usually the best mamas. Snapped a shot of these two last Sunday. So sweet... … [Read More...]

Saturday Sunset

November 2 2014 Sunset

This was a busy weekend at the farm. We are preparing for the winter which means putting up lots of summer "stuff" such as hoses, metal chairs, yard art. We also have been cleaning barns and putting everything in it's proper place and making sure all equipment is winter ready. Cowboy just finished with a huge project of getting barn doors built for the donkey and goat barn. Everything is in place … [Read More...]

Punting in Cambridge


When in London we took a little side-trip one afternoon to Cambridge. What a sweet town and an amazing university. The Avon river runs throughout the university and punting is the outdoor activity that everyone was enjoying. Students, professors, families and tourists all were all out and about in the beautiful October weather. It seemed everyone was punting and if they were not then they were … [Read More...]

London Marble Arch


The Arch is one of my favorite tourist places to see in London. It is placed directly off of Oxford Street in Hyde Park. The arch was designed by John Nash in 1827. It was originally meant to reside in in Buckingham Palace area and serve as an entrance, but was moved in 1851. It is very beautiful. It was a block away from my hotel so I had the pleasure of admiring it every day. Love walking thr … [Read More...]

London Eye

London Eye

The one tourist thing most likely for me NOT to do? The London Eye. I do not like high places and even when I used to ski I could never go to top ski runs as it terrified me. Afraid to be on top hotel floors. Cannot be on a tower where you are looking over a railing. Eat at a restaurant at the top of a building- not me. But... how could I go to London and not have the best view of the … [Read More...]

Hotel Art

Hotel Arch London

On our recent stay in London we lodged at The Arch Hotel which is just two blocks from The Arch. Great location and great staff at this smaller boutique hotel. Of course I found this picture in the hotel sitting room right off the bat. Have to love the simplicity of this art. Made us feel right at home. He is pretty cute and wish I had him at home even though we have never had this breed of d … [Read More...]

Cute Times Four

Booth x 4

Blogging has not come easy the last few months. To complicate matters I have also been gone the last few weeks. I am hoping to focus more on blogging this fall and that means I must get out and take photos. I am challenging myself to keep my camera handy and to find the fall beauty which will surround me. Blogging, for me, is like writing my journal or diary and I hope to get back on track. I … [Read More...]

Mrs 35

Mrs 35

Mrs. 35 is really a character. She exudes lots of cow personality. Sometimes she seems to need her space from the other girls so she hides. Last week I could not find her and spent an hour looking for her. She finally popped her head out of her hiding place in the trees to let me know that she was doing just fine! Love this cow! … [Read More...]