Punting in Cambridge

When in London we took a little side-trip one afternoon to Cambridge. What a sweet town and an amazing university. The Avon river runs throughout the university and punting is the outdoor activity that everyone was enjoying. Students, professors, families and tourists all were all out and about in the beautiful October weather. It seemed everyone was punting and if they were not then they were sitting on the banks taking in the sun. It made for one of those “idyllic” picturesque scenes that you only see in books. A punt is a flat boat that can float easily on smaller shallow rivers. Each punt or boat had a cute name painted on it. They were quite an art form and I loved watching everyone relishing this form of entertainment. I think my farm yard would look really cute with one of these propped up against the fence!

The bottoms of the punts were painted in the turquoise color that matched the cushions; however different companies had different paint colors. Notice that on the second photo of sign the boat in background is named “Fluffy” (pretty red punt)- don’t you love it? The last photo is one of those perfect scenes complete with King’s College in background.



Punt Sign


Cambridge Punting


London Marble Arch


The Arch is one of my favorite tourist places to see in London. It is placed directly off of Oxford Street in Hyde Park. The arch was designed by John Nash in 1827. It was originally meant to reside in in Buckingham Palace area and serve as an entrance, but was moved in 1851. It is very beautiful. It was a block away from my hotel so I had the pleasure of admiring it every day. Love walking thr … [Read More...]

London Eye

London Eye

The one tourist thing most likely for me NOT to do? The London Eye. I do not like high places and even when I used to ski I could never go to top ski runs as it terrified me. Afraid to be on top hotel floors. Cannot be on a tower where you are looking over a railing. Eat at a restaurant at the top of a building- not me. But... how could I go to London and not have the best view of the … [Read More...]

Hotel Art

Hotel Arch London

On our recent stay in London we lodged at The Arch Hotel which is just two blocks from The Arch. Great location and great staff at this smaller boutique hotel. Of course I found this picture in the hotel sitting room right off the bat. Have to love the simplicity of this art. Made us feel right at home. He is pretty cute and wish I had him at home even though we have never had this breed of d … [Read More...]

Cute Times Four

Booth x 4

Blogging has not come easy the last few months. To complicate matters I have also been gone the last few weeks. I am hoping to focus more on blogging this fall and that means I must get out and take photos. I am challenging myself to keep my camera handy and to find the fall beauty which will surround me. Blogging, for me, is like writing my journal or diary and I hope to get back on track. I … [Read More...]

Mrs 35

Mrs 35

Mrs. 35 is really a character. She exudes lots of cow personality. Sometimes she seems to need her space from the other girls so she hides. Last week I could not find her and spent an hour looking for her. She finally popped her head out of her hiding place in the trees to let me know that she was doing just fine! Love this cow! … [Read More...]

Prickly Pear Cactus

Prickly Pear Fruits

Cactus at the farm is...well cactus. We have too much of it and it is constantly a thorn in our side. (Pardon the Pun!) In the spring it has very pretty yellow flowers. In the fall is has beautiful pink "fruit" and nothing is prettier than all the plants with the varying degrees of pink everywhere. My theory is if you have to endure the cactus at least you can enjoy the "pretty in pink" in … [Read More...]

Outdoor Farm Shower

Outdoor Shower Sign

We have an outdoor shower at farm. It has hot and cold water so we can usually use it from late April to November depending on the year. The shower comes in handy because most of the time farm work makes us ultra-dirty and being able to shower outside keeps the farmhouse clean (Well, that is my story and I am sticking with it). It is nice and big and enclosed so we have all the privacy we need m … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday- August Beauty

August Beauty

There is simply nothing better than mama's and babies... … [Read More...]

Sunday Sunflowers

Sunflower 2014

We did not plant any sunflowers this year expecting the continued drought to dry up anything we planted. Who knew we would actually have some summer rain? Had I planted sunflowers they would have been thick and bountiful! That is how it is on the farm; everything is a planting gamble! Have a few "wild" sunflowers in a pasture I shredded yesterday. Love that I was able to get a couple of shots … [Read More...]



My very summer favorite. Loved them as a child. Love them now. Dreamsicle is my favorite flavor. (This month anyway) They make me happy...     … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday

Lazy Summer

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer... This farm momma was very lazy... … [Read More...]

Birthday Fun

Vintage Cowgirl

My birthday was actually two months ago, but I wanted to share these cute gifts from my far away friend. Her gifts always put a smile on my face and in my heart. I love this vintage cowgirl postcard! They don't make them like this these days. Look at how beautiful the colors are. My vintage Montana plate is very close to my heart as Montana is my very favorite place. My heart stays in M … [Read More...]

Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite

These beautiful Mississippi Kites visit my friends backyard every summer for mating season. They are small birds of prey and are a hawk. Love their black-grey color combination. Very beautiful bird. I have never seen one. Only sparrows, mockingbirds and cowbirds seem to park themselves at the farm! Thanks to E.S. for these amazing photos for me to post! She always has the best photos of wildlife … [Read More...]



Meet Gus. He is new kitty for Son #2 and family. He is good natured kitty who is doing all the fun "kitten" antics. Both kiddos adore him, but "Girlie" especially loves to dress him up! "Girlie" never really did get into the doll scene, but is having a blast dressing up Gus. Gus does not seem to mind. Sweet Gus. Gus all pretty in pink! "Girlie" does love giving Gus all the proper … [Read More...]