96 Takes the Cake

96 takes the cake or… in this case the baby. 96 is not the friendliest cow at the farm, nor does she really like me. 96 , however, is a GREAT mama. She took great care of her calf and was highly protective and loving. Before Christmas her baby went away to another ranch to become a show calf and 96 was miserable. Usually, when babies leave it is a bad day for the mamas, but 96 was beyond sad for days and days. It was pretty pitiful to see her so upset. Then, a couple of weeks later we were checking on cows and low and behold she had “borrowed” some other cow’s baby and was nursing it. For several weeks she kept the baby by her side and fed it and she was so proud and happy. I assume it was a “baby” that had been kicked out of the free food chain by it’s mom so 96 took advantage of the situation. It was so sweet and funny! Every time Cowboy and I were in the pasture she did her “moo” thing so we would be sure and notice she was nursing “her” baby!

These cows can be so cute! 96 is a “hoot” and provided us with a huge chuckle this year.

She does not look nice, but boy, is she a great mama. She is Cowboys favorite cow.


New Best Friend

New Best Friend

This week has been lovely weather at the farm so I have been able to be out and about which is what I love. Last weekend we found some old buried junk in one of our dry creek beds. We pulled it out and sent it to the dump. We are not a fan of old junk littering the farm so when new junk appears we get rid of it. After everyone left I went back to the old creek bed to explore and see if I could … [Read More...]

And Now… The Undertaker

Undertaker 2015

My previous post introduced "Three Feathers" and everyone loved him! The "clean-up" bull has now arrived at the farm and his name is "Undertaker" and all I can say is... WOW. He is beautiful and huge. He also is very even tempered even though some of you might think he looks a bit fierce. He actually was a show bull years back and has a nice show bull temperament. Today, I spent time talking and … [Read More...]

Three Feathers

3 Feathers

Wanted you to see "Three Feathers" because I think he is so darn cute! Three Feathers is a bull who came to "visit" the girls in November. I was busy trying to get Christmas shopping done and managed only one photo of him on iPhone. Is this not darling of him already making friends with the girls? He actually was really adorable and I hope he will get to come back and visit next year! I bet some … [Read More...]

Crazy Observations On TCU & The Peach Bowl


I survived the Peach Bowl. I now have had nearly a week to reflect on my trip to follow the FROGS. So glad I made the trek to support the team. Here are a few ponderings... Atlanta and Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl hosted a really nice event. Atlanta and it's people were extremely friendly and went above and beyond to make us feel welcome. Atlanta has the Georgia Aquarium which was the best … [Read More...]

Peach Bowl Bound

Peach Bowl

Leaving Cowboy in charge of the farm and traveling tomorrow with friends to attend the Peach Bowl and root for my "FROGS"! Win or lose we will have a fabulous time. We will see the Atlanta sights and enjoy great Atlanta food along with attending the TCU pep rally, tailgate, game then will attend the huge TCU New Year Eve party with thousands of TCU alumni. How much fun will that be? Good … [Read More...]

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from our farm to you! May your holidays be filled with family, friends, pets and lots of good food... … [Read More...]

London Christmas

London Shopping

I loved that the stores were decorated for Christmas when I was in London in October. I fell in love with all the furry animals and wanted to bring one of everything home. I did manage to bring one of these home! Can you guess which one? Hint: I have it in our Christmas tree. I love him... His name is "Snowy." … [Read More...]

Santa in London

Santa in London

Santa was already front and center on my London visit in October. Loved this Santa as only Selfridges could do. All I need is a British phone booth! … [Read More...]

TCU Frogs Win!

Frogs 2014_blog

Love my TCU team! They just finished up their last football game with a big win. So very proud of our team and especially Coach Patterson who finished up this season being the best class act ever. Now, on to my big DREAM... … [Read More...]

Last Fall Sunflower

Sunflower 2014

Sunflowers are my favorite. Snapped this right before last week's freeze. Good-Bye summer and fall. I shall miss you...  The countdown begins now for April wildflowers! This photo simply makes me happy on this dreary November day!   … [Read More...]

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti

Cooked this for Cowboy this weekend as we needed some "feel good" food for the cold front that moved in. I found the main recipe on Pinterest (Reasons to Skip the Housework Blog). I did make a few changes to the recipe. Cheesy Chicken Spaghetti 16 oz of spaghetti, cooked 1 lb. Velveeta 2 cups cooked chicken ( I bought chicken already cooked marketed as Fajita Chicken at grocery) 1 … [Read More...]

Quick Snack

Quick Snack

Quick Snack And a Little Kiss … [Read More...]


Grazing White

Just a pretty grazing shot from last week. … [Read More...]

Friday Foto

Her and Mama

This is a sweet pair... Nothing prettier than the Charolais cattle, although my first loves are Black Angus, the Charolais cows surely photograph better! … [Read More...]