Living Life is Wonderful

Living & Loving Life really is such a gift. For each of us, hopefully, the journey is a long one. Living life brings us a winding road of expectations and where it takes us we never quite know. Our families, who mean the most to us, help make us complete. The rest of life is “fluff” and icing on the cake. Family, friends, animals, nature, travel and doing good all help knit us together in this beautiful world. Cowboy and I are blessed with our farm, and all that comes with it, which gives us so much joy and contentment.  This journey we live is filled with ups and downs and we know how important it is to live every moment because you never get those good times back. The hard times in life are part of all of our experiences. Life goes fast and Weekend Cowgirl is determined to enjoy and embrace every single day! I am hoping that this year will give me new dreams and accomplishments.  Hoping that all my family and friends can say they are loving life also!

Sweet Mabel The Milk Cow

We just LOVE Mabel. She is the best and sweetest cow ever! So gentle and always happy for us to be around her. Everyone should have a milk cow...They are totally easy to fall in love with. She makes us smile everyday! … [Read More...]

Abundant Indian Blankets This Spring!

All wildflowers have been thick and beautiful this spring, but none better than the Indian Blankets. Have not seen anything like this in years... These are my favorites always! … [Read More...]

Merry Merry!

Hoping each of you will have a wonderful holiday with family and friends. And most of all blessings to all your four legged friends!! … [Read More...]

Mabel Times Two

This was taken on Thanksgiving. Sweet Mabel's friend May had an infection and just not up to nursing her baby. Our Mabel just took it upon herself to feed her friends little one. It's pretty sweet and she is still nursing her baby and May's also! At a farm with beef cattle; May the dairy cow is a favorite for sure. She is so sweet and mellow and we simply adore her! … [Read More...]

Fabulous Charleston

Visited Charleston for the first time late last spring and it was such a great surprise! It was such a fun place to visit with wonderful historic sites along with the best food I have had anyplace. Spent several days walking, shopping and eating. Cowboy and I drove outside Charleston and headed to Folly Beach where we spent a warm afternoon in the sunshine walking the beach and finding a few … [Read More...]

On The Road To Salida

This pretty mountain view was taken on road trip to Salida Colorado a few weeks ago. The views were amazing. Loved catching a little snow to make the mountains just about perfect. … [Read More...]

Montana Mountains and Grass

That time when you just take a quick snap-shot and get home and find this photo. Love this! … [Read More...]

Montana Pothole

This Montana "pothole" was lovely this summer. They are homes to abundant wildlife, One can see deer, elk, moose or bear catching a quick  drink, but this summer I saw not one creature which was ok because the beauty is overwhelming... These are the reflections that stay in your brain forever! … [Read More...]

Andy- Our Pride and Joy

This photo says it all- Andy is our pride and joy and so much more. He really does bring so much joy into our lives... … [Read More...]

Unexpected Gifts Fill The Heart

I have a friend who is a distant cousin who I have only met once in my life when I was 17. Many years passed and through the years we have corresponded every once in awhile with occasional Christmas cards. I have many fond memories of her and two other cousins I met on that trip long ago and have kept the memories tucked away inside of the special time spent and a connection cemented in my … [Read More...]

Merry Merry

[Read More...]

Goodbye Fisher

Goodbye Sweet Fisher 2013-2017 … [Read More...]


Sometimes you wait and wait and the words just never come to help you express how you are feeling. This last month my heart wanted to tell the world how one special goat's love had given me so many blessings, but the words would not come. Time is passing so I woke up today and decided I just had to do the best I could do. We lost our sweet Jeff on November 4th. He had led a great and long life. … [Read More...]

Fall Farm Babies

The leaves are starting to fall and we have had some cool evenings which is much earlier than we usually get in October. Ready for our 90 degree fall days to come back! We have plenty of nursing babies and just three more that should give birth in next week or so. Some of the mamas are starting to get their fall fuzz in preparation for winter. Everyone is lazy and enjoying the cooler weather. I … [Read More...]