My very summer favorite. Loved them as a child. Love them now.

Dreamsicle is my favorite flavor. (This month anyway)

They make me happy…




Wordless Wednesday

Lazy Summer

Lazy Hazy Days of Summer... This farm momma was very lazy... … [Read More...]

Birthday Fun

Vintage Cowgirl

My birthday was actually two months ago, but I wanted to share these cute gifts from my far away friend. Her gifts always put a smile on my face and in my heart. I love this vintage cowgirl postcard! They don't make them like this these days. Look at how beautiful the colors are. My vintage Montana plate is very close to my heart as Montana is my very favorite place. My heart stays in M … [Read More...]

Mississippi Kite

Mississippi Kite

These beautiful Mississippi Kites visit my friends backyard every summer for mating season. They are small birds of prey and are a hawk. Love their black-grey color combination. Very beautiful bird. I have never seen one. Only sparrows, mockingbirds and cowbirds seem to park themselves at the farm! Thanks to E.S. for these amazing photos for me to post! She always has the best photos of wildlife … [Read More...]



Meet Gus. He is new kitty for Son #2 and family. He is good natured kitty who is doing all the fun "kitten" antics. Both kiddos adore him, but "Girlie" especially loves to dress him up! "Girlie" never really did get into the doll scene, but is having a blast dressing up Gus. Gus does not seem to mind. Sweet Gus. Gus all pretty in pink! "Girlie" does love giving Gus all the proper … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday Weeds


Every late spring these weeds pop up in the pastures. Do not know the proper name. Beauty can be seen in everything-even a simple weed. … [Read More...]

Those Ears

Those Ears

We have an abundance of rabbits this year. Jackrabbits everywhere and a few cottontails here and there. Love those ears. … [Read More...]

Farm Flood

Fence Down

After a few years of dry tanks and continued drought we had a surprise this weekend. Rain was in the forecast and we were really hopeful that we would receive a little moisture. We always feel like we are in the "Farm Bermuda Triangle" where everyone around us gets a shower, but we do not. This keeps us from becoming too optimistic! I woke up early on Sunday to find it was raining which caused … [Read More...]

Farm Picnic


This is how we picnic! We love the view. We love the rabbits and roadrunners dropping by. Sometimes the cows come watch us eat! Such great joy in something so simple. … [Read More...]

TCU Baseball To NCAA World Series

TCU To Omaha

Of course I am excited for my school. Big 12 baseball champions and headed to Omaha. No matter the outcome- we are PROUD of our TCU baseball team! Love our FROGS! Graphics by Texas Christian University   … [Read More...]

Indian Blanket Beauty

Indian Blanket One

Our Indian Blankets (Gaillardia) are drying up this week much to my dismay. These wildflowers are at the top of my "love" list and every May and June I enjoy their color at the farm. The colors are brilliant. I love the vivid red, orange and yellow combination. They pop up every spring and are found in many states across the U.S. Gardeners can buy seeds and plant in their gardens which is … [Read More...]

Good Morning From Fisher

Fisher Good Morning

Don't you love this happy little guy? His name is Fisher and he is such a sweet goat. Love this smile!   … [Read More...]

Cow Cute

Geman Cows

One of my friends recently traveled to Austria and Germany. Of course I asked her to take photos if she bumped into any cows! She sent me lots of cute photos, but these German cows are the two cutest girls I have ever seen. It appears they were very good natured and happy to be photographed. This may be one of my all-time favorite cow photos. Thanks to C.R. for thinking of me on her t … [Read More...]

Spring At The Farm

First Suck

I love spring at the farm. We are always super busy with all our spring projects. Cleaning barns, shredding pastures, planting, watering and vaccinations for all the cows, donkey's and goats.  Love all the little calves being born. The anticipation of wildflower season nearly drives me crazy! Cleaning the grill to cook-out. Waiting for that special rain shower. Sunrises and sunsets. There are l … [Read More...]

Country Find

Old Planks

Cowboy found me another vintage structure last week. We had never noticed it tucked away from view of the road. Love the wood "planks" and this leaves me wishing I had something like this on our place! I can think of a hundred things I could use it for. Would love to know how old the wooden part is, the history of when it was built and what it was used for. Maybe it started out as a small barn. Pe … [Read More...]