The Hidden Painting

For as long as I can remember my grandmother had a stack of unused paintings stacked in the bedroom designated for the grandkids. The closet was a typical small closet for a house built in 20s and it was very stark and clean with a few toys on shelves to the left and on the closet floor to the right was a stack of about 8 paintings and photographs which were not fortunate enough to be showcased somewhere in the house. As a young child I used to sit on floor and look at the paintings and one always caught my eye. I loved the mountains in a special painting and dreamed of being where this was. Years passed and both of my grandparents passed on. My sister and I were young and closed down our grandparents home and went about the task of living life and raising our families. A few years ago we were looking for something at my sister’s house and I spotted that special painting. It sparked that special feeling in my heart. My grandmother had penciled in a message on the back that stated she and my grandfather visited Chateau Lake Louise in Canada in 1937 and purchased the picture. I immediately decided that this destination would be at the top of my “Bucket List.”

This is the lovely photograph from 1937 that nudged me to want to venture to Canada to see a beautiful spot that my grandparents had very much loved. My sister had this painting duplicated so I could have a copy at my home. It has a special spot and I can enjoy it ever single day!

LakeLouise 1937

Summer 2016 I finally realized my dream of visiting this place of mystery and beauty. I was able to stay, hike, dine and just take in the awesomeness that my grandparents had enjoyed decades before me. It was more than simply a nice trip, but rather a deep emotional bond and link to the past with my sweet grandparents. I am very lucky that my supportive friend knew how much it would mean to me and made it happen!  Chateau Lake Louise was beyond anything I could have imagined, but to stand on the shores of the prettiest place I have ever visited simply left me without words and imprinted brilliant visions in my head and heart that literally will last a lifetime.


Lake Louise

It’s Really HOT Outside


104 degrees today and I am sweltering! It is a good day to post a Canada photo from June where, not only was it cool, there was plenty of snow also. I just managed to download all of my photos so will be sharing some beautiful nature and awesome animal photos soon. Today is just one of those days at farm where you move water around to keep the plants alive and take care of the animals and other … [Read More...]

Mr Friendly


This is the bull that is in the pasture with the girls this month. His name is Friendly, but I call him Mr Friendly because he is having so much fun at our place! The "girls" are loving him and he is so busy trying to get their attention that he does not mind me walking around and talking to everyone. I am not even a distraction in his mind! He is pretty sweet so we are enjoying his visit. He is … [Read More...]

Indian Blanket With A Twist

Different Indian Blanket Sm

We have a huge crop of Indian Blankets at the farm this year and ya"ll know they are my favorites. Yesterday I spent hours taking photos and simply soaking up the beauty. I was walking in a pasture and found this little beauty growing around some rocks. She was just a little different than most of our Indian Blankets. Our Indian Blankets have less yellow and more orange. She was the gem of the … [Read More...]

Little Newborn


Love this one. Simple and Sweet. … [Read More...]

Glorious April Sunset


No words needed... … [Read More...]

Wildflowers 2016

Wildflowers 2016

Well, April is nearly over and my rush to take hundreds of wildflower photos simply never happened this year. In fact, I never made it to the country roads to even look around to see where they were blooming the best. We have had so much rain this April which is good, but it seems between the rain and my calendar I could just never get it together. I did manage a few photos of whatever was around … [Read More...]

Newly Born


This sweet little bull calf was born on Saturday. He had to have some help being delivered so his mom came to barn to deliver. Watched her clean him up, get him on his feet and watched her learn the ropes as a first time mom. It took her a little bit to get the nursing thing down, but once she got the hang of it we had one happy mom and baby. Love happy endings! Mama even allowed me to love on her … [Read More...]

Spring Calves

April Baby

We have lots of new beautiful babies at the farm. This one is especially special. Her mama is sick and unable to feed her. She is now with a new mama who lost her calf. We are crossing fingers for a match made in heaven! Newborn cow babies are so very precious. I get goosebumps when simply looking at each "fresh-born" baby. … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday


Purple Love! … [Read More...]

Many Faces of Orphan Andy

Andy Hee-Haw

Our Orphan Andy is just the best little donkey. He has a personality as big as the world. I just wish he could speak in human words because he would have so much to impart to us. Our feelings are strong as he lost his lovely mom at 20 days old and we have loved him devotedly. He was bottle fed and raised by a family member who raises goats for the stock show. Then he came home to us and the other … [Read More...]

Cow Babies Are Back

Newborn Cleaned

The "baby" pasture has been very busy this week! I think when I counted yesterday there were around nine or ten new babies. What a happy time here at the farm. The babies give us much joy and I spend lots of time just standing and watching the fun. Nothing cuter than little cow babies to put a smile on ones face and to make the world right. This beautiful baby was born about 4 hours before I … [Read More...]



The farm is a world of winter brown. Our Possumhaw is the only bit of color every winter. It brings joy and the impending hope of spring and we enjoy it immensely. It is the simple things that we really remember and that impact our lives... … [Read More...]

Texas Touch

Texas Touch 2016

We have a new "visitor" at the farm. His name is "Texas Touch" and actually he has been visiting the girls for about a month. All the girls have been AI (artificially inseminated) so now Texas Touch is visiting just in case the AI did not take with any of the cows. I have been watching him for the last couple of weeks when I have been trimming around the oak trees in the pastures. The cows all … [Read More...]

Wordless Wednesday

Jan23 2016 Sunset

Winter Sunsets at farm can compete with summer ones any day!   … [Read More...]