New Shetland Pony for Sister & Me

When I was six, my daddy surprised my sister and me with a little Shetland Pony. I can still feel the excitement when our parents brought us outside and there he was just waiting for us. We had been wishing for a pony like most little girls.We were going to have so much fun! We would be able to ride all over the ranch on our cute little pony. I had big dreams for this pony and me! It was a story made for a book. Girl and pony ride happily into the sunset together…NOT. Oh my goodness, that was the meanest pony ever! I am sure the pony meant well, and in retrospect, I imagine he had no training. My daddy put me on that pony to ride and ride we did…fast. Had no problem staying on until he headed straight for the trees and took me right into the limbs every-time. He repeated the same thing with my sister. I sure wanted it to work with our pony, but after months of riding into the limbs a girl can only take so much. I seriously do not know what happened to that pony because one day he was just not there. I imagine some other kids had the joy of riding him. The sadness of a broken dream when you are six can really “stick” with you!

This photo of my pony and my sister and I came from an old album of pictures that have aged.

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  1. Adorable!!!
    Do you remember his name?
    That’s so funny, we got our daughters a Welsh Pony years ago and same thing – the most cantankerous thing you ever saw! They couldn’t ride her – but they sure had fun grooming her and that pony lived a great life as a pasture pet.
    Have a great week end!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      It’s sad, but I do not know what his name was. Since he did not get to stay long I maybe have it blocked out of my mind or else when he took me through the trees it knocked the sense out of me! I knew people that had Welsh Pony and it was very well behaved!

  2. Hi! just wanted to let you know that I put up more pix of corner feeders – including the best one I’ve seen. So much easier (and cheaper!) than buying a fancy one. Check it out here:


    • weekendcowgirl says

      Hey thanks. I will go look right now. I am always looking for good ideas. Our sheep r in one pasture with their barn and my goats and donkey’s share a barn. I have to be creative!

  3. Hahahahaha! Oh my lord, that is HILARIOUS. Every girl dreams of a pony, but it never occurs to you that pony may be an ahole…

  4. He just looks like he’s eyeing some branches to launch the two of you into!

    (Thanks for stopping by today!)

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Right after this picture was taken my sister got off and I went for a fast ride into bushes. Wham. That was one smart pony. He knew he did not want riders! Thanks for visiting.

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