Raleigh House Buttermilk Pie

When growing up I attended a girl’s summer camp which was a wonderful experience. At the end of every summer session our parent’s would come pick my sister and I up to bring us home, but not before visiting the best eating place ever. The Raleigh House was run by a precious little lady who looked the same age as long as I knew her!  She was a wonderful cook and had attended cooking schools all over the world. Her restaurant was only open from May-September for the camp crowd. There was no better food than Mrs. Johnson’s! She even produced a lovely cookbook after she retired, and although no longer in print it is the best cookbook I have ever used. Mrs. Johnson was not only a great cook, but a lovely woman. Every summer you felt like you were coming home when you set foot inside her establishment. She fed many generations of campers and their parents and I imagine many remember her with great fondness. If you collect cookbooks you might Google “Raleigh House Cookbook” by Martha Johnson. It is filled with wonderful recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

I use her Buttermilk Pie recipe for most holidays as it is a favorite around our house. Hope you enjoy it too!

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  1. sounds so wonderful! i’m googling her:)

  2. i’m making this again! one of my favs!
    thinking of you

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