Best Retro Texaco Gas Station Ever!

When traveling on our “Girl Trip” Sunday (see previous post) we found this darling antique retro gas station. It was absolutely the cutest gas station I have ever seen. It was an original filling station from the 50s. Someone had painstakingly restored it back to the 50s. It is a full service station and pristine. I could not find one drop of oil anywhere. We stopped so I could take a few iPhone photos!

Pump Was in Service!

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  1. What fun! 4 of us girls try to take a weekend each year for a “getaway!” and we always have a blast…………our friendships go way back almost 40 years! Now I’m telling my age.

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog and looking at the pictures.

    What’s funny is that on my blog post 3-7-10 we stopped at an old time gas station that looks almost like a much much older version (and authentic) of the one pictured!

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      Everyone should take weekend trips with girlfriends. I wish more of the old stations would be renovated. They are so interesting and fun! I am really enjoying your blog also. Thanks for dropping by…

  2. This is so cool! I love it when people save history! Maybe that’s why I live in an old farmhouse! 😉

    • http://weekendcowgirl says

      Yes, that is why I love old things too! I wish they would fix up more of the old stations that I see in small towns. They are there just waiting…

  3. That gas station is awesome. You sure don’t see them like that anymore. Things were built to last back then.

  4. http://weekendcowgirl says

    I am thinking an old one would make cute flower store!

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