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Yesterday was a day full of mixed blessings. I will not be sharing how everything proceeded, but I am so very happy to tell you that I was able to find our sweet Blanco and Jeff. When I drove to pick-up destination I was greeted by two happy goats. They immediately gave me more nudges and kisses than any one person deserves. They followed me into the trailer and when safely home I let them graze in our yard for a bit. I then led them to pasture where they were rejoined with all the donkeys. You should have seen the donkeys run to them. The baby donkeys were especially thrilled to see their friends. At one point, Annie, one of our babies just laid down next to Blanco and rested her head on him. I wish I had my camera as it would have made a perfect photo. Our hearts are not quite as heavy now. Mainly, we are glad our little old men are home and can enjoy the rest of their life- “living the life” in their pasture with their friends. It was certainly a crying day for me and I almost feel sorry for all the people that had to witness me crying non-stop…

Spot was unable to return home with us as he was already dead so we are missing him so much. He was our special goat who thought he was a human! He always wanted to ride in our vehicles. He was the most generous with his love and he loved his treats! We will miss him terribly. He was no different than having that cute dog that follows you around. He wanted to be with us and just go everywhere we went. He really was special little goat. He had a a face that anyone could love…

Spot 2006-2012

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  1. Kairen Renick says

    I am so happy you found two of your babies. I know how glad you must be. I thought of you when I was at the livestock impound today. They have a female brown and white boer goat and three of the cutest donkeys. The baby is a snow white little jenny and absolutely adorable. I wish I had room for them. We are bidding on a 2 year old palomino gelding that seems to be a very sweet guy. I may break him for my own personal horse.

  2. i’m so glad you could find those 2 boys!!!! what a relief. i’m sure there is a lot to the story and no, we dont need to know it. i’m just so sorry that you had to go thru this ordeal. i pray a blessing over your barnyard and for you to be restored to full joy.

  3. Oh I’m so happy for you! What a nightmare you have been through. RIP, Spot. You were loved.

  4. Yes, mixed blessings. . .know you are missing your Spot. You’ve been in my caring thoughts and I’m really glad for all that you were able to bring two back home. xoxo

  5. Oh my goodness….I just read your last two posts and my heart is so heavy for you. What kind of horrible person would take 3 sweet animals? Thanks goodness Blanco and Jeff were able to return home! I’m so, so sorry to hear about Spot. I hope that justice is done.

  6. I am so sorry about your sweet boy Spot, but glad Jeff and Blanco are home safely.

  7. That is great that Jeff & Blanco are home but poor Spot : ( I don’t know what the behind story is but karma will come around & bite whoever it has to later.

  8. I love what everyone posted and those are my sentiments exactly. Blessings to your barnyard – Most definitely – That is soooo sweet a prayer!

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