Our farmhouse is a simple rock house built in the 1800s. It is small and there is not one fancy thing about it.Think Little House on the Prairie simple. We love it that way. Have never desired to make it something it was not. Being small simply means I do not have to take lots of time cleaning it. Cowboy and my days are basically spent outside which is how it should be. A few years ago I did make our front porch a sitting room off of the bedroom. Never have really fixed it like I wanted.

Recently I found this chair and ordered two of them in chocolate brown. Got them at discount price and they were so cheap! I loved the retro look. The two of them will be placed on a cream and brown striped rug. The two chairs will have a matching ottoman that has a little stool inside of it. I found two brown and cream ikat pillows that will complete the look.

So… if you were wondering what I am doing today; you will know I am playing “house” and having so much fun doing it! They will be my little bit of  “blast from the past!”


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  1. I LOVE these thairs! Where did you get them. I wish our little house in the woods had enough room for some. My city house might but not the cabin. And we’re getting bluebonnets like crazy down in Navarro county. What part of the state are you guys in???

  2. Love that retro look! I’d love to see your house – sounds beautiful!

    • weekendcowgirl says

      Chairs are cute. House is very humble and just small and cozy. Not beautiful, but we love it.

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