Remembering Sundance of the Desert

You have read and seen pictures of Sundance of the Desert on this blog. Sundance was adopted from the Golden Retriever Rescue in New Mexico in his golden years. My friend made him her forever friend. Sundance has been in bad health since before Christmas, but he was still able to enjoy life and his “people”. Now, Sundance is roaming beautiful fields of green grass and flowers with friends. His forever friend is missing him and holding him close to her heart.

These are words from his forever friend:

“Remembering Sundance…..

             his gentle demeanor, his compassionate spirit, his joyful love of life…….

                 his golden heart, a blessing—

                    his happy presence, colorful and magical.

 Heartfelt gratitude to the golden-dog whose soft nudge a quiet reminder: each moment in time–a treasure we should savor.”


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  1. Forever Friend: My heart is so very sad for you. Some of my best mornings were when Sundance sent me a picture of himself. Always made for a happy day… I will miss him very much too…

  2. Rest in doggie peace, Sundance! Our thoughts are with you all.

  3. I had a Golden Retriever named Shadow growing up. We lost him a few years ago to old age. 🙁 He was the best dog I have ever ever had. I don’t know what it is about Golden’s but they sure do make the best pet.

  4. Well you know me–I am in a puddle! I am so grateful to your friends for bringing Sundance home from the Rescue. It speaks volumes for their character and love of animals. And I am sure that Sundance was happier with them than he had ever been in his life. Now he will wait for them at the Rainbow Bridge where they will all be united once again. Please tell your friends how sorry I am for their loss.

    • weekendcowgirl says

      I am sure they will read this & it will mean a lot that people care for them! You are a good friend to all…

  5. Rest in peace Sundance. I have an adopted dog and I feel they are the best, as I am sure Sundance was!

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