Bluebonnets Are Blooming

The bluebonnets are finally blooming. Maybe my expectations were too high, but the farm bluebonnets are not very spectacular this year. The flowers are plentiful, however they are very small due to the continued drought. They just do not have that special “punch”.  Yesterday I decided to hit a few country roads in search of a few bluebonnet patches. I luckily found some pretty flowers, but we had rain showers and high winds. It just did not work out for me to get that perfect photo. I am always fearful one of our spring storms will bring hail and the wildflowers will quickly disappear so I took a few shots wind and all. Hopefully, I can spend a day later this week in search of that perfect photo op. Yesterday we had nice warm temps in the 80s and today it plummeted to the 40s with a freeze expected tonight. This is not our typical April weather so hoping this little cold blast does not hurt the wildflowers. Most of the wildflowers in my area are bluebonnets with the paintbrush starting to spring up. Pretty yellow flowers are popping up everywhere also. In retrospect, I am simply amazed we have any wildflowers this year and I am so happy for the visual gift spring has delivered…



Lone BB

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  1. Gorgeous shots! We’re having the same kind of weather; 86 degrees on Sunday and snow on Monday morning. It’s crazy!

  2. I can’t wait until things start blooming here! Those are so pretty alongside the cacti.

  3. Those bluebonnets are just so pretty!

  4. Bucket list! I really want to see the blue bonnets blooming in Texas in the spring!

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