London Eye

The one tourist thing most likely for me NOT to do? The London Eye. I do not like high places and even when I used to ski I could never go to top ski runs as it terrified me. Afraid to be on top hotel floors. Cannot be on a tower where you are looking over a railing. Eat at a restaurant at the top of a building- not me.

But… how could I go to London and not have the best view of the city?

Bit my lip and made my friend who, does not like heights either, go with me on this 45 minute revolution to see the beautiful London sights.

“Hang Tight”- is exactly what I did. Found a seat in the middle and hung on for dear life!

I had set my personal goal that I would ride the London Eye and so glad I did. I finally unlatched my hold on the seat and actually got up in standing position so I could enjoy the view.

So glad I MADE myself do this. It was the loveliest of views and I would have really missed out by not venturing out of my comfort zone.

The London Eye- Too High In The Sky!

London Eye Close


London Eye

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  1. Go you! I don’t do heights either, so can’t say I would want to get on it but I bet the view was unbelievable! I’m so jealous too..I want to go to London. Post more pics! 🙂

  2. Good for you for conquering your fear of heights! I had never heard of the London Eye before readubg this post. What a marvelous way to see the city from above. Very cool. Wonderful photographs!

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