Crazy Observations On TCU & The Peach Bowl

I survived the Peach Bowl. I now have had nearly a week to reflect on my trip to follow the FROGS. So glad I made the trek to support the team. Here are a few ponderings…

  • Atlanta and Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl hosted a really nice event. Atlanta and it’s people were extremely friendly and went above and beyond to make us feel welcome.
  • Atlanta has the Georgia Aquarium which was the best aquarium I have ever seen. I want to go back and visit it when not so crowded. There were many great places to visit.
  • Great food and bars in Atlanta!
  • I had just as much fun at Peach Bowl as I did the Rose Bowl. <I hear the gasps as we speak> Seriously people, if you were there you would have felt the excitement & pride and it would have made no difference at all. Everything was all “peachy!”
  • Our TCU team was extremely humble and nice and they appreciated each of us that were there. How do I know? I spent much time talking and taking photos with the players and they just made my heart happy at how gracious they were. I was a proud “Froggie.” It was pure awesomeness…
  • By the time the game rolled around I had already experienced much “FROG” pride. The game was simply the icing on the cake.
  • Winning the game was absolutely fun, but maybe even more impactful for me was how perfectly honorable were the Ole Miss fans. It was a pleasure seeing how nice and well-behaved they were. It was a pleasure interacting/visiting with many of their alumni and I would like to think we would have behaved as nicely if we had taken the loss instead. I left the game with total respect of our Ole Miss friends.


It was a very nice surprising season with us not even being ranked in top 25 at the beginning of the season. We can be so proud of our coaching staff and our players and our school. Here are a few thoughts on football and our school:

  • Football is a fickle sport and football fans can be very fickle all across the country. Rankings may or may not mean anything. You can win one year and not the next. However, we always have a team and we should support our team win or lose. Speaking from someone who had tickets through the 70s, 80s, 90’s and so on I think I can speak on this. Sure, it is fun to win. However, how we support our team is much more important. Cowboy has a really bad back and we actually had to give up our tickets some years back. It was one of the hardest things to give up as Frog Football was a big part of our lives. It broke our hearts for sure. Most of the time I am with him for games as we cheer for our team at the farm. Cowboy always raises our TCU flags no matter what. We have our own “tailgate” every week at the farm! We love our Frogs. And on years we are lucky enough to go to a bowl I leave Cowboy at the farm and go with friends to attend bowl games.
  • We are a small school. Those “Football Gods” may never give us a break. Let’s not waste our time worrying about it. Just enjoy the good that comes our way. Screaming, pouting and complaining will get us absolutely no where. We might as well gut it up and at least use our energy in a positive way. I suspect the team and coaches really appreciate that anyway since they choose to take the high road when they have too. Bitching will never get us anywhere.
  • The Peach Bowl was great. You had to be there to realize that being shut-out from the playoff did not make most of us any of us any difference. We were too busy enjoying the win.
  • Keep it classy TCU. No Smack Talk- I hate that part of football and I would rather us be more on the humble side.
  • TCU fans- we still are on the learning curve. We need to support the team. I think we have come a long way. It is so much fun watching everyone catch the spirit.
  • TCU sports in general- I am going to try to do better and attend some of the less attended sports this spring. My TCU goal for the year.
  • TCU- I am a very proud alumni. Our school shines. Our coaches shined-Our team shined-Our alumni shined.
  • TCU- I watch us play against schools with 20-30-40 thousand students knowing we have 10 thousand. I’d say that alone makes me so proud. Some in the football world may never give us respect, but who gives a flip as long as we respect ourselves collectively as a school, team and alumni.
  • The Fort Worth community should be proud with us no matter the school they attended. TCU brings large amount of money into Fort Worth so nothing wrong with having a “Home Town Team” in addition to “their” school team!


And if I had one thing I wish would change?

  • All you recruits out there need to give smaller schools a chance! You might actually be able to play and not sit on the bench for 4 years. You might actually be able to “shine” and have a better chance of being recruited into the NFL. Coming to TCU might actually change your life. For all the football players that had no playtime you could have had fun experiencing our wins with our team! Enough said…. Rant over! (Continued after photos)




(Photos TCU)

Am I sorry we did not make the College Play- Off? Haven’t really given it too much thought. Black and white we did not and I was much too busy having fun at the Peach Bowl to think about it. Much more exciting experiencing the fun than anguishing on what did not happen. This week I was busy living life…. I bet there were a “jillion” teams who would have given anything to play in the Peach Bowl and we were there so I made every minute count.

What did I learn at the Peach Bowl? I met the most precious 88 year old TCU fan ever. She and her daughter have followed the Frogs for years. Neither ever took a class at TCU, rather they attended McMurry and Hardin-Simmons in Abilene. They are the biggest TCU fans I have ever met and I was humbled to meet these two special women. They attend some TCU football and baseball games and I want to be just like them. Watching them yell for TCU at the parade was life-altering and one of the most inspirational TCU moments I have ever experienced. I know for a fact that Gary Patterson has experienced the joy of these two lovely ladies as they bake him pies every once in awhile and drive to the TCU campus to personally deliver them. Just when you think TCU bowl fun cannot get better I bump into these two and decide when I grow up I want to be exactly like them!

 PS: For what it is worth TCU Frogs.. Even if you are in the “One Pea Bowl”in “Podunk” next year- I will be there rooting for you. You can count on me! You see, I’ve been in it for the long-haul- through good and bad. We love our team!

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